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What do you believe you will be able to bring to the medical profession and why?

Asked by Pooh (4points) July 21st, 2010

why and how will you be able to do so

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I left my prostate in the surgical room bio-hazard bucket. They can do anything they want with it.

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My checkbook.They won’t let me visit without it ;)

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Is this a question for an application of some kind? It sounds like one to me. I’m asking so I can determine which answer to write.

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My liver (with some Fava beans a nice glass of Chianti).

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An anal thermometer!

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Apparently I’m a good learning opportunity. I once had a guy doing his endocrinology fellowship actually thank me for being such a difficult/rare/interesting case. I found it flattering and a little distressing at the same time.

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What I expect to bring to the medical profession is… an increasing amount of business.

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A mind/brain that will make the experts tear up their degrees, raise their hands in horror and wonder if another such mind exists anywhere else on this planet!

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Like @Seaofclouds, I am wondering if you are asking us to answer a question that you are supposed to answer on an application.

If you are looking to enter the medical profession, I hope you have a very strong and clear idea of your own reasons. You’ll need them to get you through what you have to do in order to obtain your certification.

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compassion, the art of listening
and like @Austinlad they get alot of business

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@MacBean It’s never good to be an “interesting case.” :-)

Let’s see… what would I bring. Well, I brought well over $100,000 in med school tuition!

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