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How much should I expect an average pawn shop to offer me for these?

Asked by jsc3791 (1983points) July 21st, 2010

I’m just curious about a general percentage of the original price that I can expect to receive from a pawn shop.

Let’s say I paid $900 for a pair of earrings. On average, does anyone have a clue what would be a “fair” offer from a pawn shop?

Thanks for your help. This is the first time I’ve pawned anything and I don’t want to get ripped off too badly.

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Half the used price is a rule of thumb. So half what you could get by selling it via eBay or Craigslist.

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$150 at the most.

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25% is not a bad rough guideline except in the case of diamonds and other commodities which are artificially priced. They are worth much less at resale unless they are Estate Jewelry in old-fashioned cuts, such as rose, or old mine.

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Thanks so much guys. This helps give me an idea. I appreciate it!

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Wow, the estimates I see are really high. Most pawn shops around here will only offer 10% of value on items you want to get back. If you are selling the item to them, it might go up to 20%, unless the shop has a demand for that type of item.

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10— 15% of what you paid retail.

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whatever they offer, you are gonna feel disappointed. Just because something is worth a certain amount doesn’t mean you need to borrow that amount. Only borrow what you really need. The interest they charge is borderline illegal. or ought to be.

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This is what you do. Go to the pawn shop. Find out what they will give you.

Then, add $50 to that amount and ask around if anyone will buy it (friends and/or family).
You will get a better deal that way. And, it will be more then if you pawn it.

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Am I missing something here? I though the point of a pawn shop was to get a loan on your item, and then get is back when you pay off the loan plus a fee.

The other answers seem to be talking about selling the item to the pawn shop. I would go to a second hand shop to do that.

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People tend to dump their stuff these days. Unless you live in Vegas.

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I though the point of a pawn shop was to get a loan on your item, and then get is back when you pay off the loan plus a fee.

People use pawn shops both ways. Sometimes they plan to get the things back, sometimes they just want quick cash.

I think the agreement is written the same either way – if you don’t pay off the loan in a certain amount of time, the shop owns the item.

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@jaytkay Oh, I did not know that. I sometimes take my items to a consignment store and if they sell, the store takes a cut, if they don’t, I get them back for a small holding fee.

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@YARNLADY That’s good to know. I sell through eBay and Craigslist, consignment stores are kind of off my radar, but I have been thinking about getting rid of some lamps and chairs which would be a hassle to ship.

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