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Have you ever erased something for an emotional reason and later wished you had it back?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) July 21st, 2010

I mean erasing something from a computer. Although I suppose you could consider burning something or throwing it out in the same light.

What did you erase, and why did you want it back? Did you try to get it back? How?

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nope…. I actually wish I would throw things out more often…. but I don’t.

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Actually, I’m glad that it’s gone. I held onto it for the longest time and then decided to delete. At the time, it was tough.

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I have thrown almost completed paintings away…no getting that back ;(

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Not a material, but an idea. I have always been kind of jaded about marriage, but I decided to use a little faith and try it out. Everyone was like “You’ll never know if love exists if you don’t try it..”, “You can’t banish marriage forever because you’re afraid of it not working out…” etc etc. So I was like ‘Sure, I guess I’m just being close-minded.’ I thought I fell in love after a few months because hey….‘When you know you’re in love you just know’, right? Pssshhhhhh.

But I am aware that love exists, just not with the woman I was with, so I would like to try it again someday, I guess.

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Not enough specific information to answer the question.

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I have never erased something in a wave of emotion. So I have never wanted to get anything back.

If I feel that strongly about something, I usually leave it alone until I can be sure I am approaching it in a balanced way.

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Yup… I have a file saved; it’s named after the boy I was head over heels in love with for a majority of my high school years. I overwrote it with an essay for English class. I don’t really remember exactly what it originally contained. I am fairly certain it was an AIM conversation, but it could have been me venting. Either way, I deleted it because I didn’t want the bad memories. Now, every time I see it, I wish I could discover what I’d written.

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Yes, I’ve deleted some of my writing for emotionl reasons. I don’t regret it as such now. I just don’t see the point. It’s gone & not coming back.

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Old e-mails my mother sent me. They were the only things I had in writing from her and, in hindsight, I wish I had kept them all. The few I have are like having her beside me.

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