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Hickies... are they really all that immature?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) July 21st, 2010

I was one of those people who teased someone walking around with one… “what are we, 13?”

Until it unexpectedly happened.

If you find a good spot, sometimes without trying, you end up leaving one. I stopped it as soon as I realized what was happening but it was too late.

Is it really that immature for an adult to get a hickie?

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I am not sure how it rates to maturity, but some people just really get into the little it takes to give and get them.

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On the neck, yes.
On the thigh, no.

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@ChazMaz… maybe you phrased it better than I.

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@ChazMaz: But what’s so immature about it feeling good having your neck kissed, getting wrapped up in it, and realizing there’s going to be a mark about 5 seconds too late?

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I like a private momento where only I can see it, not on my neck for all to see. It brings a nice smile for others to wonder why I’m smiling.

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On the neck, yes. If you are aware you have a job interview the following day, and do not take precautions to prevent a hicky, that’s pretty dumb.

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Visible ones are immature. Hidden ones are just fun.

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making wonder about starting a thread to find out the best place you have give or received a hickie

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@sleepdoc Excellent idea. Go for it!

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“But what’s so immature about it feeling good having your neck kissed,”
Nothing at all.

Loss of control is the issue. It can feel just as good, without the mark.

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I would not say immature as to me it is just trashy. Hickies on the neck remind me of mullets, camel joe tattoos and little dirty kids swimming in diapers.
How would you feel stopping over at grandmas house with a hickey on your neck?
They may be fun to get and fun to give but keep the sucking to better places.

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Since my mom was so open about certain topics, she always told me that if you are with a person who likes giving hickies, you might as well be running bases. Lol besides it’s more fun under the clothes, or that’s just what I think.
My boyfriend and I are very careful to not turn into mosquitoes. If we do it’s under the clothes.
The only time I find it immature is when you can’t control the fact that you are like a vampire.

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if i put a hickie on a girl’s neck, thigh, foot, leg, arm, posterior and for that matter…anywhere! I sure as heck would brag about it! ahhh heck, would write all my relatives, friends, former co-workers….would want EVERYONE to know it!

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This is the second hickey the site assigned to me today. I didn’t check to see if they were posted by the same person. The odds would say they are. Yes, very immature.

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@evandad…no they weren’t and the other question wasn’t really asking for your opinion like this one was. It was asking for your story but thanks for actually reading past hickie.

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Eh, whatever… accidents happen.

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btw, i was just “yanking the chain!”

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It’s hickey and hickeys, folks. Why should it be considered immature? The spots where they appear are sensitive and delicate. It is only material for jokes if you’re 15 or younger.

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@gailcalled: Thank you for being rational about it, and thank you for correcting my spelling. All four words were flagged as misspelled.

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Who did the flagging? That misinformed little man in spellcheck?

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They are Magic.

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My spell check did not flag hickey, hickies, or hickey or hickie. Hmmm? Perhaps I need a @gailcalled spell checker put in to my computer so I never make a mistake.

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@judochop can be hickie also!

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I’m with @poofandmook… It’s one thing if you have a huge, atrocious red purple splotch on your neck, but I often end up with just a few faint marks on my neck. It happens! I feel like it takes work and conscious effort to leave a really big one, so I think those are kinda tacky… but little, barely noticeable ones? Meh, who cares.

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The giant purple blotches are… less than appealing. I don’t think they’re immature, I just think they’re ugly. That kind of mark takes work to make and since they are bruises, they make me uncomfortable to see on the ladies.

I’m a big fan of the tiny ones. If you have a bunch of them or a couple, they remind me of constellations and make me smile.

(I don’t think they’re immature. I just think they can be ugly and come with bad visual stigma… violence, etc.)

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no. they are ugly. they are unprofessional, inappropriate, gross, and unnecessary. boo ya.

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My hubby gave me a hickey he says by accident about a year ago when I had short hair. It was very embarrassing for the time it was there.

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Yeah it’s not a huge purple thing, it’s a small, maybe dime-sized light red mark. Like I said, I stopped it the second I realized what was going on.

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