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Is it possible to comment/post on a FB page as myself when I'm an admin of that page?

Asked by andrew (16280points) July 21st, 2010

Every time I post, I show up as ‘the page’ instead of ‘Andrew’.

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Wait, I’m a bit confused. So your comments say ”The Page blahblahblahblah” when you write something?

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@Allie For example, if I post on the Fluther page, my posts show up as “Fluther”.

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Could you be logged in as Fluther? I’m a creator/admin of a page as well, but it still shows my posts on the wall as Allie.

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No, I can’t log in as Fluther. It definitely shows me as Andrew.

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I think you may need to set up a secondary FB account, and sign in under that one to comment. I have the same problem, but haven’t been motivated enough to try it yet.

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I haven’t seen that behavior. I can comment on my pages as myself. Could there be something in your page’s privacy settings affecting this? (Shot in the dark, it just seems odd.)

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If there’s some way to do it, I’ve never seen it.

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I’ve heard from a friend who works there… there isn’t a way, but they’re working on it.

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