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Can you trick the self-serve scanners at the grocery store?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42852points) July 21st, 2010

This evil thought occurred to me as I was checking out today at the store. Like, get a nice, juicy $15 T-bone, tell the scanner it’s a fruit, like a cantaloupe, and get it for a couple of bucks.

I feel guilty even thinking about it!

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Wow…I never thought about that….......

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Busted if the check out person happens to look at the screen of their cash register.

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Self serve scanners detect weight of each item. You have to scan it then place it on the other side.

What will/can work is… Make a copy of a bar code from another item. Print it on an adhesive label and cover it over the bar code of the item you want to buy.

Hope the person at the register does not notice the price difference. Just do not make it too extreme.

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I know you could get busted @wundayatta, but do you think they’ve programmed suspicion into the scanners?

@ChazMaz You are even more eviler than me!!! We don’t even HAVE cashiers looking on any more…..

To one and all, I would never do it, just on principal….

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I still think @ChazMaz gets busted on the weight of the item. If not, why not?

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Yea, will have to go through a manned register.

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@Dutchess_III: Yes, you can absolutely do it. I’ve tried it, just to see if it would work, and it worked.

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@josie I thought this all through, see. You’d have to weigh your steak, and then you’d have to run furtively around the store weighing items until you find one that is very comparable in weight. That’s why I picked a cantaloupe for my steak.

@poofandmook Did you turn yourself in and confess????

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It raises a funny image, running around weighing things in the grocery, looking for a steak that weighs the same as a melon. Sounds like a lot of trouble though. Plus, I feel funny about stealing. Interesting scheme….

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@josie Yeah, looking over your shoulder and hiding your face in a trench coat so no one will know you’re doing anything wrong!

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Yes you can and if you are shopping at a chain store I highly suggest that you do.
I get something free everytime I go to my grocery store. Most of the time I can’t find help anyway.
Yesterday I printed off 18 photos and just left because the guy at the register was talking with his buddy for about 5 minutes about headphones. I said, I’m gonna go pay for these up front, he just said sorry, ok.
Psssht, suckers.

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You can, but they’ll get back at you another time.

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Will the moderators descend on this thread since there is conspiracy to commit fraud going on? Will some of you lose your Golden status?

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@Dutchess_III: I didn’t finalize the transaction… I just tried it out.

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@josie REDACTED!!!!

@poofandmook Whew! Thought I was gonna have to narc you out to the FBI (Who are on their way here, BTW.)

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I usually buy tomatoes on the vine from Kroger when I’m out of fresh tomatoes from our garden. I have the code memorized (4664). I may or may not have used this code the other day when I purchased heirloom tomatoes. I may or may not have saved about $1.50 per lb..

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@jonsblond I TOLD you the FBI is on their way here! Run!! I’ll refudiate you!!

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Yea, and if we talk about race relations. The NAACP will be after us.

What happen to free thinking?

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@ChazMaz We’re talking about stealing, which isn’t covered under the Constitution! I don’t think. Well, maybe under the Republican constitution. IDK.

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There should be a law against stealing. It just means the rest of us have to pay more to cover the shrinkage as they call it.

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There IS a law against stealing @YARNLADY! It’s called “If’n you get caught, you’re in trouble!” Which is not the reason I don’t steal.

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You could just peel the sticker off another item and place it over the more expensive item you want. People do that all the time where I work. Just Monday someone peeled a barcode off a twenty cent piece of felt and put it over the barcode of a CD. Luckily my cashier was paying attention and caught it. But, the scale that you holds the bags you put your purchases in would know, I guess.

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Yes, there are a number of ways but I won’t reveal them. In fact, I think it may be a violation of Fluther policy for anyone to do so.

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@ItsAHabit we should PM each other. Fred Meyers can kiss my ass.

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I just don’t have a criminal’s guts, I would break out in a sweat and look guilty as hell.

Remember back in the days when they had real cutlery on planes? Well I liked the logo on Singapore Airlines stuff, so I swiped a set. I was a nervous wreck. To this day I feel badly when I use them, but I still like the logo, heheheh.

There are numerous ways, just think about it, if you have criminal’s guts.

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I’m totally guilty of something like this…
When I was really young, a friend of mine bought some doughnuts from Walmart. Well, when we bought them (back in the day) you’d get a box and fill it with doughnuts, and once you get to the check out, you tell the machine how many are in the box.
We only paid for like.. two.. when we really took four.
Its only like… two dollars worth of theft, but I still feel bad about it.

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@meagan You should!! Now do 99 Hail Mary’s and walk around on your knuckles for a day! That’s what I had to do when I was a kid and my Dad caught me ripping off a Shop Eze! And he wasn’t even religious!

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