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I feel I'm getting Sick again, Does anyone have advice for sore throats or colds ?

Asked by Scarlett (913points) July 21st, 2010

You know that feeling before you get really sick when you know you’re about to get sick ? I’m at that stage and woke up with a really sore throat and cold. I felt something in the back of my throat, like it was irratated and dry. I have to go back to work on Friday and it feels like this sickness is gonna drag on.

Anyone have any ‘home remedies’ for sore throats and/or colds ?

Will hot tea with honey help ? How about gargling with salt ?


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I had a girlfriend who was a singer and she swore by hot tea with lemon and honey.

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My favourite cold remedy is hot tea with lemon, ginger and honey. I drink it all day, one cup after another, and for the last couple of cups before bed I’ll add a shot of whisky to help me sleep.

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By Friday the sore throat should be gone if it is a typical cold and the congestion will set in. A combination decongestant and antihistamine works the best, but can make you sleepy, so try to take it a couple of hours before work starts, so your sleepiest time will be before going to work, even if it means you take very early in the morning and go back to sleep for a few hours. Also, ibuprofen can be magical, take 2 (400mg total).

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Water, and lots of it. Of course you could sooth it with (tea, lemon, honey) or add a tipbit of whisky to relax you.

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Oh, and no hot tea while you have the sore throat! Heat inflames, cool/cold liquids are in order to quell the irritation until the sore throat goes away, then hot tea and soup are fine.

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Vitamin C really ?? what about Green tea ? Because that is the only tea I have right now…. thanks guys

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@JLeslie That is true, thanks, ill put that in my todo’s when I feel sick. THANKS!

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@Scarlett You must be very young. Vitamin C has been the supposed cure for colds for many many years. It was based on one doctors research that showed colds were cured with C, but has never been able to be duplicated again. It probably should be considered an old wives tale at this point, but most people still believe it. The basic rule for a cold is, treat it or don’t treat, in a week you will be better. Not that C will hurt, I believe many of us are difficient in many vitamins.

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@Scarlett: I drink Lipton green tea with citrus (diet). One serving has a full day’s worth of vitamin C, it’s cool and refreshing and feels great on a sore throat. Plus the more you drink, the more C you get.

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@Scarlett Do you sleep during the day or night? how much sleep do you get? Have you seen your doctor? You sore thoat can mean many things. Try to take the time to look at your daily activity, and the environment you live in. Any Pets or House Plants?

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@SuzieG well my sleeping schedule is pretty messed up right now… I have very bad insomnia, and usually can’t get to sleep until around 4 or 5 in the morning…then wake up around 11 or noon feeling really groggy and even-more tired…...yes, i have 2 kittens, and no plants

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@Scarlett KITTENS, I love kittens… Anyways, I assume you were recently blessed with these little creatures from hevan, seeing that you used the word “kittens”.. DID these problems start off and on since you received them?

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@SuzieG – I LOVE kittens too!! They are awesome :) I just got sick like yesterday, so no, it’s not from them i think because i’ve had cats/kittens most of my life…...

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I like to suck on hard candy or cough drops when I have a sore throat. Sometimes I get popsicles too. They soothe the throat and are tasty!

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@Scarlett “Most of your life”? .. you sound like an “oldie but goodie” I bow to the WISE. I have cats too.

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Oh my gosh @Scarlett ! Your response about bad insomnia and getting to sleep at 4 or 5 am and waking up at 11 feeling groggy is the EXACT same with me! I never get to sleep until about 4 or 4:30am and wake up way past my alarm at lie 11am or noon feeling too tired to get up! Sometimes giving up drinking so much caffeine will help. I used to feel sick all the time and I always drank so much pop. Then I started drinking Chamomile Tea and I started feeling better. I felt refreshed in the morning and had more energy. I still drink caffeine/soda/pop but not as much as I used to.

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Although I completely support giving up caffeine, I do not suggest doing it during a cold. You alread feel like shit, why add a headache and exhaustion?

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@JLeslie true, true. I wouldn’t do it during a cold either. You’re absolutely right. But when you start to feel better and aren’t so congested, try it and sometimes for me, stretching helps. Also, I know it sounds gross, but my dad always has me gargle with salt water when I am congested and have gunk in my throat. The salt helps loosen it up and then you can cough it up. Like I said, it sounds gross but it always helps me during a cold.

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I swear by gargling with vinegar straight or a 50/50 mix with water preferably warm. Do it three times in a row twice a day. It may burn a little but for me it always knocks out a sore throat in 24 hours.

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If the feeling persists, you may have to remove it.

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@SuzieG – Yes I am an Old Soul :) ...Are you?? lol. Old soul in a young body…. hehe.. Yay for cats then…. they are my babies…

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@Afos22 – remove the tonsils ?

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Our home remedy was to gargle with warm salt water mixed with one crushed aspirin + lots of rest,

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Like @Austinlad suggestion sans aspirin…

Salt gargle: 1 teaspoon salt in large glass of warm water, stir to dissolve, gargle over and over again until you’ve used the whole lot, do not drink anything for a while, although rinsing one’s mouth is permitted, repeat several times a day.

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@Scarlett- Remove the throat.

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