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What is the most Beautiful Song you've ever listened to ?

Asked by Scarlett (915points) July 21st, 2010

About Me…I like Music…...A lot.

What is the most breataking and inspiring song you’ve ever heard? Favorite artists of all time ?

Right now my favorite song is “A Mi Manera” by the Gipsy Kings.

I know this might more difficult for some people (including me) who have a lot of Music, but It can be anything as far as Genre or Language goes.

I am trying to get a big music list compiled, and would like everyone’s input. Thanks :)

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Sometimes I think it might be the Blumenduette from Lakhme. Sometimes I think it might be Mir Ist So Wunderbar from Fidelio.

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hi. the most moving song I’ve ever heard is “Song to the Siren” by This Mortal Coil.

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There are too many songs that get me. Ditto classical music. I adore the music of Ralph Vaughan Williams, the English composer of symphonies, chamber music, opera, choral music, and film scores. I never heard a piece of his music that didn’t/doesn’t move me. I’m also nuts for the music that plays toward the end of the Jeff Bridges film “Fearless.” It’s called “LENTO SOSTENUTO TRANQUILLO MA CANTABILE” from Symphony No. 3 (“Symphony of Sorrowful Songs”), written by Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki. Never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

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The Beatles, Hey Jude!

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Any music without words! You might have to go WAAAY back to find Real music in my opinion. Good Music these days is hard to find. Add some Betty Davis or Nat King Cole to your list.

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It’s a bit cliche, but Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber is one that always gets me.

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“Summer Sunshine” from The Cross.

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Anything from Cinema-Serenade-Itzhak-Perlman.

I won’t listen to it anymore, though. We played that CD non-stop when my Mom was dying in the hospital. Now, I’m not able to handle a second of any of the songs.

And, like dpworkin, I dig Blumenduett aus der Oper “Lakme”.

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@Scarlett….If you like that song…you must hear “Habla Me” and “No Volvere” from the Gipsy Kings album, “Este Mundo.” These songs are two beautiful classics. I think “Este Mundo” is one of the best albums they have produced. I recommend it highly.

Those songs are Kleenex-worthy. :)

I will have to think of my own favorite beautiful songs….and will post later.

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I will give two, from the top of my head.

Funny Valentine by Chet Baker
Angel by Sarah McLachlan

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The Blower’s Daugther is most beautiful to me. It’s just haunting.

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This performance of Tupelo by John Lee hooker is one of the best blues performances ever. Talk about emotion.

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This is a tough one. I think for me, at the moment, it’s a tie between Ageless Beauty by Stars and Song to the Siren as covered by This Mortal Coil. I’d highly recommend that you give them a listen, dear reader.

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@rebbel Ah, rebbel, you are a man after my own heart.

One of my favorites is Israel Kamakawiwo´ole’s version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World.

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I can still remember the first time I heard The Ecstasy of Gold.

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There are many many many out there. So many in fact that my brain freezes up when I try to think of them.

Here’s just a few of the prettiest:
Sæglópur by Sigur Rós
Life On Mars by Seu Jorge (It’s a David Bowie cover done in Portuguese)
First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes
Crush by Corey Branan
Every Thought A Thought Of You by mewithoutYou
Does Not Suffice by Joanna Newsom
I Saw Lightning by Telekinesis
Upward Over The Mountain by Iron And Wine
The Rat by Dead Confederate
First In Line by Matthew Mayfield
Heart Of Gold by Neil Young
Hey Ya by Obadiah Parker (It’s an Outkast cover)
Options by Pedro The Lion
Electric Feel by Katy Perry (A cover of a MGMT song)

Okay, so maybe I went a little overboard but they are all some of the most beautiful music and lyrics I’ve heard.

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@Randy, you and I have EXACTLY the same taste in music.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I tend to stray all over the place. I’ll listen to someone like Norma Jean, (Don’t click this link if you don’t like hard music! You’ve been warned.) one minute and then switch over to Lovedrug then over to Lil Wayne then to The Zep. My musical tastes have been compared to a drunk driver; all over the road. I just find that I appreciate the art as long as it is such. Nickleback is NOT art!

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Puccini – Maria Callas – O mio babbino from Gianni Schicchi
All Love Can Be – Charlotte Church – from a Beautiful Mind
Claire de Lune – Debussy
Cello Suite 1 – by Yo Yo Ma, Bach
Ave Maria – Celene Dion

Havana – by Jesse Cook
Moments in Love – Art of Noise
Europa – Carlos Santana
Aqueous Transmission – Incubus

Um Amor Puro – Djavan
Stardust – Nat King Cole
Sao Paulo – Morcheeba
Extraordinary Woman – Rocky Dawuni
If I Should Die Tonight – Marvin Gaye

Blaahhhhh There is just way too much good music out there….. but here’s a VERY Short list of some of my Favs….

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@Randy – ” My Musical tastes have been compared to a drunk driver – All over the Road ”—HA ! ME TOO !! I can go from Rock to Rap, to Soul, to Oldies, to Classical, and then to Mainstream Pop, and then back around to Foreign music in a second! I love it all !

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I think any song by Celtic Woman such as when one of the girls sang You’ll Be In My Heart is really breathtaking. Celtic Woman is my favorite singing group. I guess if you’re patriotic then you would like the song O, America! but it’s up to you. They’ve redone Amazing Grace, and their song Goodnight My Angel makes me tear up it’s so beautiful.

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Halleluja, by Leonard Cohen. If only other singers would leave it alone Sarah’s cover is not bad though.

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Bjork has a lot of Beautiful music too, if you’re into Avante-Garde songs.

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Bjork is great!, took me a while to get used to her, but then, I love her!

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Anything by Enya, Celtic Woman, Clannad, Loreena McKennitt is beautiful. As you can see I’m a fan of Celtic music. But if you watch the Celtic Woman concerts (I have two of them on DVD) they always wear these beautiful dresses and gowns and it makes the songs even more spectacular.

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Nessun Dorma sung by Pavorotti
Come Away With Me-Norah Jones
My Funny Valentine sung by Frank Sinatra
Lover Man sung by Billie Holiday
Vivaldi’s Spring
Sade-Haunt Me
are a few of my favorites

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Boy, you all have listed some EXCELLENT CHOICES!!!! Here are a few others that I really like:

Dansen aan Zee (in Dutch) by Blof but I love this version by Sarah Bettens and here is Sarah Bettens singing with Blof.

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Oh Yoko! by John Lennon
Sibelius 7th (Not a song, but as beautiful as music ever gets, in my opinion)
I could write a very long list indeed, but I’ll spare you.

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U2-With or Without You

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DeBussy’s Clair de Lune
Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue
Van Morrison’s Into The Mystic
Aretha Franklin’s Until You Come Back To Me
Linda Ronstad’s Round Midnight

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Clair de Lune
Leonard Cohen
Dear Prudence
Terrapin Station
Looks like rain

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Mad World – Gary Jules’ and Michael Andrews’ cover

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@LeoCol-A friend sent this song to me.I like it very much too :)

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“Thank you” by Alanis Morisette

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“Love Theme” by Jackie Presti from Metal Gear Solid 4. It was played on /b/ when moot tried to troll everyone into thinking he was shutting it down. The song actually brought me to tears.

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So many to choose from…

The melody that always brings tears to my eyes is the theme of the 2nd movement (largo) of Dvorak’s 9th (“New World”) Symphony—first played by the English horn. It was later adapted into a song called “Going Home.”


La Vie En Rose
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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Wonderful choices, my fellow jellies. May I throw in just two more for your consideration:
Sad And Deep As YouTraffic (Dave Mason), “Welcome to the Canteen” (Live)
Phantasmagoria in TwoTim Buckley, “Dream Letter – Live In London (1968)”

By the way, I believe Tim’s kid, Jeff Buckley, did a pretty nice job on the previously mentioned Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. Jeff included it on his “Grace” album, but here is a very nice clip.

See ya…...Gary/wtf

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Ave Maria
Harvest Moon

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Gorecki, Symphony # 3. Beethoven 7th symphony second movement comes in second.

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Closer to Fine by The Indigo Girls.
I second (third?) Hallelujah done by Jeff Buckley, too.

Also: Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel and Imagine by John Lennon.

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At the moment it is this but we all weary even of the most exquisite music.

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Pearl Jam- Indifference

I stop what I’m doing and just enjoy the beauty of this song every time I listen to it.

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It’s a toss up between Olsen by Boards of Canada and Rhubarb by Aphex Twin.

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Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton
Amazed Paul McCartney & Wings

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Il Mio Miracolo by Vittorio Grigolo

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“Fast Car” – Tracy Chapman

I find this song absolutely gorgeous and soothing.

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The Cinematic Orchestra – All Things to All Men… makes me forget to keep breathing…

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The Dance by Garth Brooks. You can listen to this song at the beginning or end of a relationship and it is powerful in either circumstances.

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