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Do I have an OCD?

Asked by CakeEater99Banks (66points) July 21st, 2010

Whenever I come home, I HAVE to make sure everything is put away. I do online schooling and during my classes, I will get up and move around my room to make sure everything is in place. I’m told by my dad that it isn’t an OCD and that I’m making it up. I’m worried though. It’s like when I get off of work at night, I want to read some of my book. I either wait an entire hour and straighten up my already clean room or I will sit down to read and I just can’t concentrate because I keep feeling as if something in my room is out of place so I have to stop and go fix it. Is this an OCD?

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I don’t think it’s helpful to ask people for a diagnosis over the Internet. It may not even be helpful in real life. If these things interfere with your pleasure in life, you can get help with this kind of issue, even if it doesn’t have a name.

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I completely agree with @dpworkin. It would be irresponsible to even attempt to assist you with a diagnosis without talking to you and hearing a whole lot more of the story. OCPD has many other facets (none of which you have mentioned). The only way to know is to be diagnosed by someone who actually talks to you. This is also not something you can diagnose for yourself by reading junk on the internet.

If you are really concerned, bring this up with your pediatrician at your next visit.

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@Kayak8 – There is a big difference between OCD and OCPD; see

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Take this quiz and then decide if you need to talk to a doctor about it. But do NOT get a diagnosis on the internet.

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@answerjill No question, thanks for catching that. Neither should be diagnosed by strangers on the internet!

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It sounds like a possibility, but you would have to see a professional. The sense of worry seems like it, as well as the rituals that you must complete to feel less anxious.

Your dad should not belittle your concerns about your health.

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Okay. I wasn’t asking for a diagnosis. I was just wondering if these could be signs of it. But thanks anyway. :-) I should have phrased it better.

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