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What's the best way to run the OnyX app for mac?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone
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Could you clarify your question?

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its my understanding that’s this app Is like a disc cleanup for macs. I was told to run the app at least once a month also. Is it a tricky app to run? Any precautions?

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To run it, you open it. Onyx just cleans everything up, clears out your caches and all that stuff that gets left behind. Your computer may seem a little slow for a while because it is no longer using cached files to load stuff quickly. Other than that you should be ok, its better than doing command line stuff…

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Thanks bro. Your like a mac pro. LOL. Is it a overnite thing? Once a month?

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Its up to you, a lot of the things Onyx does Mac OS X does when it shuts-down/reboots, so you only need to do it frequently if you never shut your computer down.

Once a month would probably be good, you don’t have to use Onyx, but it is good if you want your computer to only keep the files it needs, it makes your computer run a bit smoother. Just like cleaning the drains!

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