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I am receiving messages to my inbox, but everything I need to send is just sitting in my outbox, can you help?

Asked by JLeslie (57314points) July 21st, 2010

I use outlook, and for some reason my messages are not going out? Can it be fixed?

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I would be remiss to not suggest first turning your PC, Router, Modem (everything) all the way off and starting them back up in order – just to make sure it’s not a hiccup there.

However, this happened to me one time when my network provider changed network settings. It happened another time when another email account changed server settings. If the problem does not fix itself in a few hours, try this from Outlook to debug the problem and contact your providers to see what the new settings are. This is from Outlook 2003, but you may have very similar options for later versions.

- Tools
– Email accounts
– View or change existing
– Next
– Change
– Test Account Settings

The errors tab will provide detail for errors encountered. This is also where you would make network setting adjustments.

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It says the specified server was not found. But, I have not shut down yet and restarted my computer. I will try that in a few minutes. I need to finishing typing somethng first.


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Almost every time I’ve had that sort of issue, it’s been me setting the server info wrong, though that does include the info changing.

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Sometimes the server is down due to any number of technical issues, and it cannot be fixed at your end. You are stuck until the server is fixed.

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And of course don’t forget to try the magic “restart.” So many problems solve themselves if you simply restart the puter.

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are you on AT&T? I here, in Illinois, have had numberous same situations. In no techy, but what I recall them saying is that because I am “seeing” my email through Apple’s email thing(?) [their little icon on bottom of my macbook, like a postage stamp with eagle on it], rather than directly with Yahoo mail, that setup sometimes does not communicate. Then I go to Yahoo mail open, send email, and eventually it goes back to the apple screen working correctly.

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On my Mac I know how to empty the mail stored with the server, which is different from throwing things in the trash. That always solves my problem…

unless the server is having difficulties. I call them and ask.

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@kelly I am on comcast, and I have never had this problem before. Not that lasted for a full day, and it is odd that I cannot send, but am receiving.

It still is not working this morning. Ugh. I might call comcast. My husband said his email was working last night, I need to turn on his computer and make sure his emails are sending before I call comcast I guess, to see if it is just my computer or not.

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I called Comcast and they told me that my computer tried to send out a spam email to 99 people, so outgoing emails were blocked. I must have gotten some sort of virus. Good to know they have this sort of fail safe.

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@JLeslie If your computer tried to send 99 spam emails, your computer may be a zombie: That is, under someone elses control. You may want to look into that. Criminals have hacked into many computers by various means and that is how they can mount their criminal acts and cause a great deal of damage. I’m no tech, so I can’t give you any advice on steps to take or try. But, you should find help using the search engines under such terms as “zombie” and “DDOS”, (which means Dedicated Denial of Service) to at least start.

Don’t be upset by this, just be aware of the possibility and take action.

Let us know how you go, or PM if you like.

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@Andreas Uh oh. Thanks. I just got on line an hour ago today and I noticed my emails are not going out again. Crap.

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@JLeslie: Have you tried emptying your server? It might be overstuffed.

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The newest developement is my husbands email is working now, and mine still is not. I called comcast and the guy said to call microsoft. Of course that will cost me money, and am reluctant to think they can help me. I tried to restore my computer back a week, and that didn’t sem to work either.

@gailcalled I don’t think anything is on the server, it comes off when I open an email.

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