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What's with spelling on the internet?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19031points) July 21st, 2010

Bad spelling on the internet: we’ve all seen it. pritty (pretty), rely (really), red (read), aventure (adventure), pleas (please). Since I’m assuming that most of these people aren’t using English as a second language, it actually takes effort to spell this way. Why do people do this? Is it some attempt to be cool that I’m not in on? An internet meme that won’t die? Drugs really are as bad for you as propaganda says?

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No matter how many times this is asked, I guess we’ll never know.

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Maybe it is laziness, or maybe they do not know any better, in which case you can point to the failure of the education system. Maybe they are home-schooled, I do not know.
It may even be deliberate to sound cute or something.

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I have no idea. I try to ignore it anymore.

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My guess is that a lot of people are in such a hurry to get their thoughts down that they don’t bother to go back and correct their mistakes, preferring to leave them there to scar the minds and memories of their audience. No-one of importance will be along to critique them, so they have no need to adhere to any sort of standard.

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Everything is not 100% correct.Everyone has some limitations & advantages.

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“Internet” should be capitalized.

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@jonsblond Kitteh is actually from LOLCats, as is om nom nom.

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@blinkErri Ok, but it’s one thing to misspell a couple of words. It’s another thing entirely to write thousands of words at a time in this manner.

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@Ivan Really? I didn’t know that it was a proper noun. Do you happen to know how I would edit that?

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Bad speling on the Internit? Wear?

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There’s poor spelling all over the place, the internet doesn’t have a monopoly on it. Ask any teacher, HR manager or filing clerk. The difference is that we can now see it all, as opposed to being shut off in our own little circles.

As far as what to do about it? Give education some money, offer free continuing education for adults.

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Drugs are good when prescribed by a Doctor who uses a spell checker on line.

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Laziness and lack of caring.

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my spalling is excallant!

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No one is perfect. And, it is a poor excuse to judge one another.
Unless it is REALLY bad.

I do my best to run everything through spell checker. Not because I am lazy or stupid.
I just get scrambled.

Interesting observation:
My spelling has gotten so much better since being on Fluther. I guess “pratice” makes perfect.

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through a spell checker

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Sorry, I do not refer to it as “a” spell checker.

And, the question is about spelling not grammar. ;-)

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It’s a mistake to think everything is typed out on a keyboard, with so many people using texting from their phones to access the Internet. It’s become commonplace to abbreviate many words while typing on a mobile device. Sad, but common.

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I think much of it is because of the lack of funding going to schools, the pressure on educators to pass kids on, the inability of everyone to discipline kids, and the government regulating what we can do.

There is not enough money to give kids/teachers the supplies they need, teachers are pressured to pass or give that child a passing grade, for whatever reason, parents do not believe their precious darling could have gotten that bad of a grade, so go and argue with the teacher, or are working and/or never home for whatever reason, so kids do as they want.

Neither teachers nor parents can truly discipline kids anymore, kids are being kicked out of school for whatever reason, or quitting. And then they spend time on the Internet showing the world how Ko0L they are with their Ebonics, chatspeak, L33T, and so on.

When they are corrected online, they yell that you are a grammar Nazi (if they spell it right), others jump on you for harassing the poor person, and so on. Until we stand and say “no more” it will get worse. English is not evolving, it is dissolving. And it is doing so because no one wants anyone to speak out.

Sorry, I do. And I feel people can just… Deal with it.

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@ragingloli Most homeschoolers these days are better educated that their public-school counterparts.
There aren’t very many homeschoolers relative to public schoolers, so it’s a good bet that most of the writing – particularly the atrocious writing – belongs to the latter population.

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@papayalily: I’m pretty sure om nom nom came from cookie monster.

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@breedmitch now that made me laugh out loud :D

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