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Is this my guardian angel?

Asked by deepdivercwa55m (353points) July 22nd, 2010

I bought this book, written by Richard Webster. It’s about angels, basicly how to communicate with them. When i saw this book i didn’t beilive a thing but i must admit, it was interesting. So 3 or 4 days ago i was reading the chapter how to communicate with your guardian angel. It says you must relax, take several deap breaths and basicly beilive in him(there are some more steps). As i was doing those I really felt that someone was in my room!! I was quite suprised to say the truth. I thanked him for being here and welcomed him (as the book says). His response should come like an idea or like a voice in my head, but non of those happened. I started to doubt everything, but suddenly i felt a gentle touch on the right side of my back. I didn’t move and i checked if it was my cat, but my cat was sleeping next to me, left side. I stoped moving i didn’t know what to think. Then i though it’s my huge imagination. But then something else hapenned. my cat woke up, came to my right and walked on my keyboad, i said the only thing he pressed was 1111. While i was removing the cat from the laptop i accidentaly pressed ’’ I’m feeling lucky’’ (I was on google) and this page came saying that 11:11 time or even 1111 numbers means that some sort of spirit or an angel is near you. That was the biggest shock of the day!! Oh shit i said i can’t beilive this!! So is this true or am i going crazy??
I apologise for any mistakes

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You’re imagining it, in my opinion. The book led and directed you to see what you wanted.

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“Is this my guardian angel?”


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@ChazMaz ‘No, it’s not true’...or, ‘No, he’s not going crazy.’

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Continue to question the things that happen in your life with an open mind. I certainly can’t tell you if this is your guardian angel.

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I’m agreeing with @Simone_De_Beauvoir on this one. But then, I’m a cynical realist.

It’s very possible I might arrive at “heaven” someday only to promptly receive a slap upside the head by my guardian angel.

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Of course, I believe you “tapped into” the Supernatural.

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@ChazMaz it would be my luck to get Clarence’s Oddbody’s grandson from “It Is A Wonderful Life!” Oh, you may not know Clarence! Here is a link! Everyone should watch this movie. Should be a requirement in grade school.

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It’s an idea that works to sell a book but has no meaning in real life.

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@Jeruba is an angel.

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Supernatural or subconscious, either way, cherish the experience. If you scribe, write a poem or short story or just a journal entry that you can revist in those inevitable times to come that will not be as sweet as this one.

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If you want it to be, then believe that it is.

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Man you’re lucky that guardian angel didn’t catch you surfing porn. He’da chopped yer balls off screamin’ “GUARD THESE MUTHAFUCKA!!!”

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I believe…..That’s awesome…....:)

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@ChazMaz not what they saying all over town! shhhhhh loll agreed!

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