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Can you (re)name that heavenly body?

Asked by rebbel (31523points) July 22nd, 2010

Astronomers have discovered a star.
It, apparently, is huge: ”...some 10 million times brighter than that of our own Sun.” and “Estimates give it a mass of more than 250 times that of our own Sun.” from here
We can safely say that astronomers are very bright people.
But not very creative when it comes to naming things…
It is called: R136a1
Isn’t that fantastic? not
We can do better then that, surely?!
So, care to come up with a real good, catchy, galactic name for it?

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Big Brighty



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Eddington’s Folly

Eddington was the researcher who posited the theory that a star could not exceed 150x the mass off the sun..

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Fantastic answer, @worriedguy.
And knowledgeable too!

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@rebbel Aw shucks. Twern’t nuthin’. Everybody knows Eddington

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Well, the local office at least.

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Angelina Joli…...oh sorry wrong body, err ooh I know. Jaffa.

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Great Ball of Fire

See ya….Gary/wtf

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Grand Sun….. No… Great Grand Sun. No….. GREAT, GREAT GREAT Grand Sun. :)

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Gigas or Gigantus.

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Pamela Anderson

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