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What does "RMJ" mean when written on a pile of stuff on the street?

Asked by ben (8469points) July 22nd, 2010

Yesterday I was walking next to my apartment with Andrew and we saw a pile of stuff on the sidewalk. Without reading the signs I assumed they’d just say “FREE.” But they didn’t. Instead, each one just said “RMJ.” What could that possibly mean? Remove my junk? Initials of someone? And who could expect anyone else to understand this?

Here’s the photo.

Anyone have any ideas what could be going on here?

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Probably yes, Remove My Junk.

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It must be someone’s initials. I looked up the acronym on a couple websites, but found nothing relevant.

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Or maybe Recycle My Junk.

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Really, (its) My Junk

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Freecyclers often leave stuff out for the people that answer their offers. If several different people have responded, they will label it for the person who made the request. You will often see several little piles with each responder’s name on it.

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@YARNLADY That’s a plausible idea.

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Ralph Machio’s Job.

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It’s for the new game show, Remember My Junk. You walk past it, wondering what ‘RMJ’ stands for and then six blocks down the street a guy jumps out at you and quizzes you on the contents of the junk pile.

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@mrentropy dude you have a fresh idea.

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I think someone put someone else’s (an adulterous partner, perhaps? Hmmm..?) stuff on the curb….after they were kicked out.

Initials: RMJ.

Reason: Unknown.


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Perhaps an eviction, labeled with the evictee’s initials?

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Please feel free to RuMmaJe through my pile of stuff

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The mystery is solved.

Recycle My Junk.


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Thanks for the update, that sounds like a great idea.

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Very cool.

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