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Stuff to do in Naples, Florida?

Asked by ConfusedKid (153points) July 22nd, 2010

Me and my family are going to Naples in August this year and ive been before but I was aged 8 and playing the ocean was enough for me then.
But im 15 now and wanted to find any cool things to do in Naples, ok so basically im looking for things like Waterparks, watersports, swimming with dolphins ect. Not museum trips haha.
Dont recommend any theme parks please, we wont be visiting them.
If you do know of any please tell me and send a link to where I can get more info please, thanks!

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Look at real estate. The prices will make you laugh (sort of).

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im 15 – these sort of things dont amuse me and i still dont have any activities.

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I’ve been to Naples twice. They roll up the sidewalks at 9pm. The beach is nice though, good luck finding anything else to do.

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Naples is a good jumping off point for expeditions to the Everglades.

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I’ve been there but don’t remember anything particularly other than pretty beaches. Not much help.

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