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My ipod wont charge what do i do?

Asked by Scorpio21909 (1points) July 22nd, 2010

i put it on the dock but it says it is fully charged.i just pluged it into the computer but is says it is connected and it still wont charge! Can u plz help?

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First off, how old is it? Lithium-ion batteries degrade over time, so it may be holding all the charge it can even if it’s not enough to actually power on. My old Sansa e280 only lasts half as long as it did three years ago, and my 2-year-old netbook has lost about 20% of it’s capacity.

Temperature also has a severe effect on LiOn batteries. If it’s ever been through the laundry (and survived) then the battery lost quite a bit of life in the dryer. Even storing it in a hot car will reduce the battery capacity, possibly by as much as 60% in three months!

If it’s reporting that it is fully charged then I doubt that the cable/dock is bad, and it won’t even attempt to charge if it’s already reporting that the battery is full: I doubt there is an issue with the USB port.

My guess is that it’s due for a battery replacement, but without knowing a little more (like how old it actually is) it’s hard to say.

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