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A question about people's anxiety ...

Asked by tan235 (877points) July 22nd, 2010

I suffer greatly from anxiety, if anyone has seen any of my questions, you’d agree, i’ve had all blood tests done, neurological exams with out the brain scan, though i have 5 forms from various doctors for recommendations if i want one, i’m now living in nyc, and so far the subways have ruined my life, i get on one, to get off it on the next stop, hop on the other one etc etc, if it slows down between stations I totally freak out.
I can’t keep living like this, it’s actually now driving me totally insane.
No one around me actually understand anxiety, my partner is wonderful but doesn’t quite get it and i wish i could just get over it and I’m trying i’ve had it now for 10 years, the first year i got it I never left the house… i havn’t had medication for it…. my question is really for people that suffer anxiety… do you understand what i’m going through, do you have any tricks that might help me?
I feel like i’m about to have mental breakdown at any stage, my brain feels weird, I get these weird sensations in my body and i think my doctor is already over me… actually I“m over me right now…. any amazing fixes outside of drugs?! I“m open to anything right now, even howling at the full moon outside a duane reade…..

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You might very well benefit from medication.

I have anxiety and tried an SSRI. It was very helpful to me, but because of sexual side effects (it decreased my sex drive and stopped me having orgasms), I decided to do without it.

After a lot of research, I found a natural anti-anxiety medication. It does not help quite as much as the SSRI, but it does take the edge off and help me function., Plus, it does not have sexual side effects. It is available from the drugstore. It is called Calms Forte.

There is also therapy for anxiety, which might help you. Hang in there.

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A couple things come to mind . . . there is a really good book called The Highly Sensitive Person which indicates that some of us are just wired differently and we pick up on stuff in an environment that others miss (and it can drive us crazy). There are some good evolutionary reasons for some of us to be so wired, by the way.

I also suffer from disabling anxiety, but I got way more from the above book than from any medications. I have just learned how to better shape my environment so that I can control the amount of stimulating things that are in it so my system can better cope.

Meds are certainly worth a try as is talk therapy, but the above book may give you a different vocabulary to use to describe what is going on inside you and may point you to some of your triggers. This can only help you!

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hey yeah i’m definitely going to try that book thank you, i have thought about that before, but to be honest i’m come to the end of what i can handle right now,i’m driving myself crazy…. will try that book, if i can I really want to avoid drugs, i’m not hearing voices, i’m not that crazy i’m just not very well adjusted..

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I suffered with anxiety needlessly for many, many years – just living with it, feeling like I was barely surviving each day. After therapy (which helped me understand it, but not fix it), I tried the meds. Best decision I’ve made in a long while. There is no reason to live like this. Please, go get help. Don’t fear medication… if you were diabetic, would you refuse to take insulin? This is really no different. Best of luck to you!

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Maybe you have to figure out why you don’t trust the subways or find another way of transportation. Is it better when someone else takes the subway with you or if you try to relax by closing your eyes and listening to music? Did something traumatic happen to you before?

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I have not had anxiety crippling enough to require medication, but if I did suffer the way you seem to be, I would definitely consider it. Why live in such pain whne there is help available? Get into therapy, and consider medication if it is offered.

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Anxiety is fear of possibilities.Think deliberately about one good thing that can happen for every three bad things.

Carry your worry out out loud verbally to the extreme, turn it into a roadrunner/wiley coyote chapter in a novel, and then laugh at it.

Realize that anxiety is based on good sense advice from your inner you. You do not have to do truely dangerous or risky things. Can you do one brave thing each day. And be proud.

I have used the Calms Forte to stop mindspining in the evening. Thanks @marinelife for reminding me to mention it too. Also, one of two herbal blends by Solaray one called Nerve and the other is Sleep.

Get help from a therapist you like, if you like.

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There are effective psychological treatments for anxiety disorders. Find your self a clinical psychologist who will hel you get these problems under control.

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I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder among other things. I handle it by taking medication as prescribed by a psychiatrist and through psychological therapy. I recommend both.

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