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How can you find out if a company drug tests its employees?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) July 22nd, 2010

Let’s say their website doesn’t specify… is there another way to find out?

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Employees? Not prospective hires?

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I guess perhaps it would depend on the industry. If your applying for some type of random corporate job, lol maybe not? Every corporate office I have worked at never drug tested, although they can “ask for one”.

But maybe if its a city job, or something along those lines, I would assume so. Or perhaps a job with high turn over rate.

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@jaytkay : both… good question.

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Are you an applicant or existing employee? Do you live in the U.S.or another country?

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In my state, when you are hired you have to be notified that they may do drug testing. Unless it is a new policy, then they have to notifiy all of the employees in writing, I think it is 30 days prior to any testing.

Where I work we drug test and background check all prospective employees. Unless there is a problem or accusation, that is the only drug test you will be given. But we are a boarding school, so we have to adhere to stricter standards than most.

But the easiest way to find out is to call and ask.

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@Pied_Pfeffer : ya, I live in the US and am applying to jobs.

in general: as a side note, please don’t lecture! I don’t often do drugs, but happened to have smoked a little bit of pot recently.

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Ask them.

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From my understanding you, generally speaking, may be tested at any job randomly from time to time, especially if you are in an employee that deals with highly sensitive information. And in the health field you will be tested also randomly just to be sure that you continue to meet the stringent standards that entails laboratory and individuals confidentiality. ✮☪✯Good Night,Sweet Dream Everyone, Hasta Mañana!!✮ ☪✯

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I was tested before I was hired, before I was offered the job, actually. I didn’t get tested for my previous job, though. It depends on the company. Once you work for them, they can’t make you get tested if it’s not in your contract.

Do NOT ask them! It will sound thoroughly incriminating (which is probably why you asked not to be lectured even though nobody had said anything of the like) :)

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@bob_ You are right in that some companies in the U.S. do not require drug-testing.

The one I worked for made the job offer before the drug test and made it clear that the offer could be withdrawn based upon the results of the drug test. Some team members were required to have a drug test if they moved from one position to another within the company.

@Samantha_Rae At this point, all you can do is expect the worst and hope for the best. And maybe drink lots of water.

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From my experience 99% of factory/manufacturing, construction and maintenance jobs do drug test. Most employers will tell you that they will drug test you before hiring you. I am not as familiar with white collar, business or office related jobs.

If you don’t weigh alot a urine test can be easy to pass by avoiding smoking weed, drinking plenty of water and some exercise. You can buy self-home drug tests at many drug stores. Saliva tests are very easy to pass, they only go back less than 24 hrs. Hair tests are a little more difficult (but there are ways to pass these as well). Maybe find out what type of tests the company gives. Most companies (from my experience) should let you know after the first interview whether they will drug test you and the method they will use to test you.

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It usually states on want ads, to weed out some.
You can take vales and supplements, if need be. To mask results.
Large offices do require a test. Mostly urine test, others cost much more.

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Why not simply assume that they do and go from there?

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When one is filling out the formal paperwork after being hired on, there are a series of forms that will be read and signed by you that tell you that either they do random testing or they will notify you of when that test will be conducted. Cheers!

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