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Do men need different treatment for migrane headaches than women?

Asked by MaryW (1726points) July 22nd, 2010

I realize that migranes are personal and different for different people and do require thoughtfullness concerning triggers. But as estrogen shuts down in menopause, women do have fewer migraines.
So because of the estrogen effect I wonder if men do have to find release from the migrane and its pain differently than women. What do you know if anything about this.

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I’ve never heard anything like, with the exception that hormonal migraines are sometimes treated with hormones.

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If the treatment is pain control with or without caffeine, the only difference for women and men would be based on body mass, not sex.

Unless some treatment focuses on presumed hormonal cause, then the treatments should be equivalent, except for body mass.

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I dunno, but this is said to be a help.
For men and women.

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I doubt it actually. Migraines are complex altogether. To diagnose the cause of this condition is extremely hard. To discern treatment for men vs. women would be another study of it’s own. Good luck with your question! Hormones could be a cause. If I were to theorize, I would have to say yes, it’s very possible that hormones could play a part in the difference of treatment. However, a hormone imbalance occurs with men as well as women.

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My husband & I both get migrane headaches…We both use the same medicine, so I belive that we can use the same meds.. We use Imiterx, get a prescription from your doctor..there is probably a lot more meds on the market by now so go see the doctor…

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