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What is the point of earning Fluther "points"?

Asked by zombo (132points) March 20th, 2008

Is it just for bragging rights, or what really is the point? I know how to earn points, but nowhere does it state why.

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Because we can!!!

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Umm…. To be cool?

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Because we are dorks and need to go outside.

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its a way to hook people

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like not stoping a game till you get so many points same thing more than likely their is a name for it poeple with gambling problems have dont know when to stop

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e rep!! DuH! : )

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And in the spirit of awarding points, I’m awarding a point to everyone that responds, as long as you think this is a Great Question :)

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[mod says}: Careful kiddies, or the fluther police will do some score adjustments…

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Actually, I think there is a real value in the points – not so much in the total score (except for fun and to notice when it’s happened), but in seeing that something you wrote was appreciated by some people, and in being to give someone else a little appreciation, easily and anonymously. I find it interesting (in a nicely casual and mostly meaningless way) seeing which questions and responses get appreciated.

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I gave andrew points.. /* runs away */

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Thanks for the answer Zaku. But you can’t actually see how those points are awarded… it’s just some big number that grows, so to me it seems somewhat meaningless.

Andrew, adjust away… again, I’m not seeing the point. I do appreciate the Q&A that’s going on here, but there doesn’t seem to be a point to the points, so why have them?

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To be helpful, and solve the problems and questions of others. I see it as, the more helpful I am, the more points I will receive, and, in turn, the more people will help me out, and see my questions as relevant and worthwhile. Sorry for that extended/run-on sentence!

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@zombo the points mystefies many… Nonetheless I think it’s a voting system of sorts for good responses, like diggs.

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So basically what you’re saying (chad) is that if you have more points, you think others will be more inclined to answer your questions instead of blowing them off? Great answer, BTW.

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That’s what I assume occurs. Frankly, new users often do not issue “logical” (for loss of a better word at this time) questions for this community to answer. Eventually, they do get around to realizing the true potential of help they have at their disposal here, but until that point is reached, we are left with questions like “wat is ur fav. color” from an iPhone user (oh, how I love those…).

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I wish the person who asked the question could award points for a super answer. That way we would actually know if we helped the person needing help. Maybe turn the star into a cat if the person asking the question was actually helped by our response.

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no I think the points are so when you get to a certian level like jonhpowell it gives you the right to be a asshole to anyone you want to (j/k john)

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@ johnpowell, I like that idea! Maybe a smaller version of the Fluther logo could be shown!

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And oneye** I don’t need points to be an asshole. Just a target.

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And I should add.. I have tried really hard to be nice to you since you came back after being banned. I will continue to try. I’m pretty sure my attempt will result in failure. Lets cross that bridge when we come to it.

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Why don’t you two go battle-rap somewhere other than my Flutherspace. Let’s stay on “point” so to speak.

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and I thank you for that and have a new found respect for you

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I think it’s something that each user has to answer for themselves. I can’t possibly know what motivates other people.

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You earn points in a game. Fluther is a big game and we are all its unknowing participants.

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at 3000 points you turn into a real jelly fish.

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Points also let you know how reliable an answer is (sometimes)

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I agree with Gooch. I tend to have more faith in answers from someone with a ton of points, like gailcalled or johnpowell, than someone with just a few.

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I discount any answer full of poor syntax, spelling errors and poor grammer. I don’t always agree with some of the contributors, but will always read them. I don’t see any real benefit in the point system.

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@zombo – Actually I usually do see where my points come from, by browsing my “Activity [I’m] Following”. Also the Fluther creators say they intend to add a feature to let us easily review which of our posts have been deemed great.

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@zombo…“you can’t actually see how those points are awarded…” But you CAN! Click on your points and then click “BREAK IT DOWN” – I just tried this…it shows you the points you’ve gotten and for what (question/answer, etc.). Check it out. I just joined so I was curious how I got 11 so quick.

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OK…actually, click on your username, then on “What’s Score?”, then on “Break It Down”...but you get the idea. I don’t doubt your ability to navigate. :)

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For me, it’s very similar to playing solitare. No point, just pure enjoyment. I’m not as interested in answering on sites that have obscure ways of awarding points, but on the ones that award according to other users, I get a lot more enjoyment. Why? I dunno.

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