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IPhone error. What does it mean?

Asked by martijn86 (393points) July 23rd, 2010

Translated: This accessory is not optimized for the iPhone. You might hear unexpected noises, caused by interference in the mobile network signal.

A friend tweeted about it and Google came up empty. I was hoping to find a quick solution or at least an explanation of the above-mentioned error.

It sounds to me like it was connected to an audio dock designed for the iPod Touch. That might not have been shielded against mobile network activity. But since I see no sign on the screen that I is docked.. it leaves me wondering.

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Well your impression is fully correct.

When the ipod is not docked while showing this message it is a deeper failure with a wrong message. Try resetting it and if it persists return to apple.

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I think you’re right as well.

Apple made a real dick move by tweaking the connector cable pins between iPhone generations so accessories that would previously connect or charge wouldn’t work as well or at all anymore with the 3G iphones and up (I think that’s when the change was made at least).

It could also mean that it’s not seated/connected properly. I get that message sometimes when my car charger came loose from the phone.

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