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Shouldn't the Naked Cow be the one suing?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) July 23rd, 2010

I see the Naked Cowboy is suing the Naked Cowgirl for stealing his idea and sullying his name. The Naked Cowboy is the guy who plays his guitar in Times Square wearing little more than his birthday suit.

But wasn’t the Naked Cow really first? Didn’t the Naked Cow perfect her act long before Robert John Burck thought of donning his birthday suit to draw crowds on New York’s busiest street corners? What do you think? Doesn’t the real cow have the moral high ground here?

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You are absolutely right. Now lets get a fundraiser going so that the true Naked Cow can hire a real lawyer to defend her honor.

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Excellent idea. :-)

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Can we file a suit on behalf of this poor little cow? Poor thing! What sort of meanie would tie her up there?

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Seems perfect for a class action. Sadly I don’t thnk eiother the Naked Cowboy or the Naked Cowgirl have much money to siphon off. But then cows don’t care all that much about money anyway. It’s the principal of the thing that matters.

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