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Any tips for spending time in Texas?

Asked by jfos (7380points) July 23rd, 2010

I’m going to Texas for 4–5 days in the beginning of September. The place is basically in Abilene, which is about 3 hours west of Dallas.

I’m going to be staying with family. I’ve gone there before, but I was only about 11–12 then. Now I’m 21. It’s possible that I’ll be going out any of the nights.

Are there any customs/etiquette/nuances that I should be aware of? I know the simple stuff, such as the hot weather there, bringing sunscreen, etc., but is there anything a New Jersey-native should know? Any tips would be appreciated.

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I don’t visit that far north very often. But as for customs, etiquette and nuances ago it’s the same as anywhere else. Be polite and most people will be polite back. This is coming from a New Jersey transplant.

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Pretty much the same as anywhere else, just be polite and friendly. There’s no need to buy cowboy boots, a hat, slap people on the back and yell “Yeehaw”. You can try saying “y’all” and “fixin’ to”, but that’s up to you. :P

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Austinlad says… “C’mon down. The humidity is fine!”

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Fill your gas tank, take a personal fan and dehumidifier, allergy tablets, and on the way in to the state stop at one of their great hospitality rest stops and get brochures and chat with the staff. Everyone is friendly there, it is too hot and damp to be rude.

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Can you drive by my ex wife’s home at three in the morning and honk your horn.
Maybe ring the door bell and run away?

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@ChazMaz LOL! Tell me where she lives and I’ll TP her house for ya. :D

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Practice your “y’all”.

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Bring sandals and flip flops . Bare-ish feet are so much cooler.

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It is, however, permissable to own a certain brand of German automobile and brag about it while being friendly if you greet everyone with a hearty, “Audi!”

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Have fun, just be yourself! Say hello to my favorite state for me! You should learn a bunch of Texas Songs and sing them when you go out! Well, I think it’d be hilarious….!

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And remember The Alamo.

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Eat at as many different bar-b-que joints as you can fit into your schedule. Try all different types of side dishes. Some will be extraordinary. Don’t limit yourself to ribs (or whatever you favorite is). Try anything from snake to smoked pork chops. Drink margaritas and Shiner Bock. Enjoy. I love Texas. Best ‘Q in the U (s.a.).

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Get yourself a nice, airy pearl snap shirt and roll up the sleeves… they actually keep you very cool in the heat and the pearl snaps are always fashionable. As @Sueanne_Tremendous mentioned, you can’t go wrong with BBQ and Shiner Bock.

If you can, definitely go to Lubbock to see a Texas Tech Red Raiders football game—I went to many as a student and the experience is amazing. They play SMU on 9/05 and UT on 9/18… the latter is being televised in primetime on ABC so you know it’s going to be insane.

Aside from that… bar hopping, live music, field parties, Lake Texoma, football, fishing, river trips, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, and much much more. I love Texas and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Oh, and people will randomly wave at you while driving down the road. It doesn’t mean they know you, we’re just friendly like that. Give em a nod and wave back, it’s the Texas way!

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Oh, actually there is one bit of etiquette down here. If a funeral procession drives by, even if it’s going in the other direction, you should pull over to the side of the road, stop, and remove your hat.

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You should be there just in time for dove season.

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Bring something to swim in. You’re going to want to get into a body of water frequently. It’s a hot one.

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I agree with the allergy meds. If its anything like Arkansas, your allergies might go crazy.

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I don’t know about the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, but Austin is Allergy Central. If DFW is anything like here, yeah, bring on the meds.

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Your allergies will be fine. You have to live here for a while for them to develop. Seems like you’d grow immune, but it’s the opposite.

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Its the biggest state

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Visit a Fiesta (Latino grocery store) and get some Topo Chico mineral water! You’re not too far from Ft. Worth, so you would definitely check out the museums and stock yards (not to mention there is lots of night life) -it’s such a cool city!

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@pokopenguin not anymore. Alaska is bigger.

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be friendly, say ya’ll and you should be fine.

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