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What couldn't you live without and had to grab if you had to leave right away?

Asked by Pandora (29756points) July 23rd, 2010

I had another topic about starting over and it reminded me of a large hurricane that was coming my way and it was just myself and the kids and one car. I had to quickly consider that I could only take what mattered to me most.
Which was my kids, some clothing, pictures, jewelry, and some of the kids favorite toys. They were 4 and 6 at the time.
Today it would be my dog, pictures, my external hard drive, laptop, jewelry, clothing and my dogs bed and his food and my favorite pillow.
I assume my husband will be along with me so I won’t have to grab him. LOL

So what would you grab in a rush? Could you live without the rest?

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Phone, dog, gun, helicopter.

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My kitties! My laptop. Clothes. Handbag (my lipbalm – very NB! – and wallet and tissues and foundation and waterless handwash and pocket knife and cell phone are already in there). Photo albums. Aw man, it’d suck big time to lose all the rest… :S I hope i didn’t forget anything important.
Oh yes, some bathroom stuff like hair washing stuff will have to come with too.

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Kids, as many guitars as I could carry, shotgun/shells, wallet/cash, laptop, first-aid kit and camera.

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My son, laptop, cell phone, and fire safe (it has all our important documents in it).

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Pets, ipod (inc my Harman Kardon portable Go+Play dock) , iphone, external hard drive, one of my electric scooters, medication (prescription & otherwise), and maybe a few pieces of original or limited edition art. Oh yeah, and my American Express card (don’t leave home without it).
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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My kids, my photo albums, my wedding dress, my pets, my computer, ALL my Dean Koontz books and my chocolate. ;) Wait, do I have time to dismantle the bed and tie it to the top of my Suburban? I love my bed!

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dog, laptop…..RX, 2 cellphones, shoes, art by my sister, clarinet

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Dog, cellphone, safe (small), and laptop!

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I have prepared for something like this- I have a hope chest filled with stuff (photos, family quilts, treasured items) So I’d grab the chest, my dog, and my cell phone. Everything else, well….it’s replaceable. (oh, and my husband is motile, so I don’t have to grab him!)

Funny enough, I was thinking about this today as we have a tropical storm headed our way! No need to leave though, just bought some distilled and drinking water….and vienna sausages!

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Kids. The pictures and data really aren’t worth the risk. Even the one of a kind paintings. Life is so much more important. If I’m smart, I’ll back up things outside the house. I can’t claim to be smart, though.

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I’d take the wildebeest.Can’t not take it…

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@ChazMaz LOL on your av!

Gosh….I have about 15 discs of pictures that I’d grab, my camera, my dogs and cats (if I could find them) some statues of Mary that came to me after Mom died. I don’t know. I’d just have to be in it to know for sure. If my kids were visiting I’d grab them first, after they grabbed their kids (whole lotta grabbin’ goin’ on!)

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Albums/Hard drives/DVDs, all of photos. That’s it. Everything else could be replaced, including my passport, social security card, IDs and birth certificate. A hassle, yes, but not undo-able. I’m sure I could find evidence of my existence elsewhere that would prove my identity.

My roommates would grab their dog if we were all in the flat, but if they couldn’t, I’d grab her, too. Oh, and as big a bottle of water as I could carry.

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My eyeglasses – I am extremely near sighted. I would also say my wedding and engagement rings, but I wear them at all times.

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Sorry @WillWorkForChocolate No time for the bed. : ( My husband loves Dean Kootnz. Best thing that would happen is the books would be gone. Too many to carry. :)
@Cruiser First aid kit. Good idea. Whats with the guns in here?
@ChazMaz Real helicopter or toy? If real, I’m going with you. :)

I see by a few answers on here I did forget a few things. Important documents and Id and photos of my place for insurance before I leave and my cell phone. Wallet and money was a given. My purse automatically goes with me.
Oh, and water. Good point. First thing to go everywhere. Grab as much as I can.
Sadly my plants will have to stay behind.

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I’ve got some books tracing my family back to the 1600’s. I wouldn’t leave without those, my wallet, birth certificate. More importantly, just all of the family research I’ve been doing.

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A few particular pieces of jewelry
I’m assuming you mean pets or items and exclude other people in the house.

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My dog. All my other material posessions can burn and I wouldn’t care.

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Wife, Dog, 1 TB external network Hard Drive, laptop, my Rubbermaid bin of keepsakes, my glasses and my spare set, my portable folding recliner, walking stick, medications

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wallet, cell phone, pocket knife, pistol w mags…that’s about it

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@Pandora sentimental value and would put food on the table if and when.

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@Pandora -Some call her “Mother-in-law” snickers ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille LMAO, good to know. :D
@Cruiser Ok, not crossing your path if we ever go nuclear.

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