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Can I gift my Fluther points to someone else?

Asked by zombo (132points) March 21st, 2008

Let’s say I’m dying of cancer and have 1,000 Fluther points. Can I gift them to a friend? Or can I sell them to another Fluther member to help pay for hospital bills?

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No, you can’t :-/

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“Or can I sell them to another Fluther member to help pay for hospital bills?” I laughed out loud at this. Zombo, you’re questions are the highlight of my night.

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@chad: might as well make an otherwise boring question interesting, right? Once I have 1,000 points I’m considering selling them on eBay. I’ll let you know when my auction starts.

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It doesnt work quite like that. To me, they serve as an important status symbol. The points show their intelagance. A person with a high amount of points has asked questions and given answers that have merit and make people think. If they could be purchased or given away, they would be pointless. They just show that you’ve earned them where as they wouldnt if they were easy to get a hold of.

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I guess you could try to sell your profile though….just a thought.

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I might have a little competition with Randy here, but if you sold your Fluther account, I’d have to make an offer on also… haha (I love how serious these answers have not become). :-/

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Zombocom is not for sale! LOL On a related note, I love how Fluther ordered my Tags as “Fluther death points” even though I entered them as “Fluther points death”. Takes on a whole different perspective.

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Trust me on this.. Points don’t equal intelligence.

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Along the vein of Fluther points, is anyone else noticing an inflation of them like currency? It seems as some older members reach upwards of almost 3000 points, the points seem less “valuable” to newer members who are experiencing an unequal distribution of wealth.

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They just need to get on it, that’s all.

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@ jz1220— Thats kinda what I ment. The older ones get more points because they are more respected because of all they have done to recieve them. I will agree that the points arnt always given fairly, but what can ya do?

@ johnpowell- yeah, maybe intelgance wasnt the right word. Maybe I shoulda said time invested (or wasted, depending on how ya look at it). Haha.

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@ Randy

I had about 1000 before the iPhone thing. I have been here about eight months. More eyeballs will lead to more points. Some of the new members here will easily surpass me within weeks.

And you meant “time wasted”.

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@randy: fairly?

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There is no point fairy here. If someone likes your answer, for whatever reason, you score. It’s meant to encourage people to give the best answer they can, not for popularity.

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Um, Randy, I have to point out that you’ve mispelled “intelligence” twice now in a discussion of intelligence. (Sorry, can’t help myself.)

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@randy: time you enjoy wasting is not wasted

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@Randy I just gave you a point because they were picking on you! LOL

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Why is it admirable or deserving of a reward to continue to misspell words that aren’t too complicated? Is it related to the tech issues about iPhone spell check or corrections?

How hard is it to reread one’s question or answer to see that it is clear, or at least comprehehsible, before sending? And how about eliminating the 7000 word sentence, while we’re at it?

Forget my points. Read my Q & A to see whether you understand them. Whether you agree or not is exactly what is up for discussion here, in theory.

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I am giving my points to the homeless.

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