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What is your middle name?

Asked by josie (30931points) July 23rd, 2010

For some reason people never bring up their middle name. I don’t have one. What is yours?

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I don’t have one either.

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I don’t have one.

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The same as my mother’s and given to my daughter as her first name.

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I aint got one. Although when I was a kid my Mum used to “joke” that it was Willy. Funny mummy.

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The single most boring, common middle name for an American female born in the 1980s. There were no less than 40 girls in my graduating class (of less than 160) who had this middle name.

My mom had no imagination. Of course, she didn’t have a middle name, either.

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Maria. (NOT Marie… I get that a lot.)

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ooo ooo oo my middle name is alberto….same as my dad :3
<———beaner lol

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Quay! in college, my friends called me boatdock!

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@BoBo1946 – Your middle name is Quay?

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@BoBo1946 Family name, right? Has to be a family name

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I’m a Marie. I feel your pain.

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I’ve always wanted to know – how is that pronounced? Surely not “Kway”...

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yes, uncle was McQuay…Irish!

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@Seek_Kolinahr almost everyone I know in my age range is a Marie or Ann. Not to mention that it usually follows a Jennifer or a Jessica. So I cling to my “a” at the

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My middle name is my mom’s maiden name. I guess I was born before it was popular to use hyphenated last names.

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@Seek_Kolinahr long A sound!

Wish I had a dollar for all the times on the phone, had to spell it…actually, most everyone call me by that name!

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Oh! I know the answer to that one! It was on the tip of my tongue…... Nope. Flew right out of my head.

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Andrew. It is of Greek origin and means man, warrior.

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@BoBo1946 Buuuuck, buc, buc, buc!

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Ellen. I like it better than my first name!

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@wundayatta loll i already knew it!

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Marie, haha.

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Mines May, my mum doesn’t have one, and my poor dad’s is Charlton

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Yvonne thats a french ass name… its a joke from Mad TV you have to see this…its sooo funny

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I have a middle name and it is Austin.

Unlike other people, I guess, I use mine a lot. In fact, everyone in my family calls me Austin except for my dad; I share my first name with my dad.

People that I meet in a professional sense use my first name.
People that I meet on a personal level use my middle name.

Very few people go from using my first name to my middle name; no one ever goes from using my middle name to my first name.

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My middle name is a very common first & last name…. my first name is a very common middle & last name….my last name is a very common first & middle name…. I think my mother drank a lot.

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worked a claim once on Hung Dong Jong! my secretary said, “can i work that one!”

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Verbena. My dad thought I was a colorful flower?

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Elizabeth. I know a million Meagan (or Megan) Elizabeths.

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I have two. Dimitar and Avery. The former is my “main” middle name. The latter is my mom’s maiden name and the name my parents were strongly considering naming me.

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It’s my grandmother’s maiden name. I kept it, and my maiden name, then added my husbands last name. My name is soooo long.

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Naomi. I love my middle name! Actually, I wish Naomi was my first name…

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@jenandcolin, ‘I moan’ backwards… I like it.

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I am named after my grandfather, who was not a good man. I don’t care for the name.

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Valentine. It’s a traditional family name, nothing to do with Valentine’s day.

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My name is Beth Ann. Ann is my middle name but most people in my family and a lot of my close friends call me Beth Ann all the time.

My son has two middle names. My daughter’s middle name is my mother’s first name. When we had our second child the middle name was going to either be my husbands mother’s name or both grandfather’s first names.

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Piper Keenan. Sometimes I think it would be better the other way around. Piper is kind of a weird name for a boy. =\

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@Piper “better the other way around”..... ‘If Keenan Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers…’

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But think how close your name is to Pepper Keenan, who is an awesome musician.

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MariĆ©. This middle name is named after my mum’s mum who is Maria. My sister is similarly named after my dad’s mum’s first name. Both my initials are MM and both my sister’s initials are LL. My mum had a plan there, hehe.

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Mine is “Dontfeedphisherspersonalinformationthatcanbeusedforidentitytheft” :D

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@jerv exactly. I was a little alarmed when this question came up at the same time as “what is your middle name” and “what was your first pet”.

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@filmfann Sadly, many people fall for that sort of stuff :(

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For some reason I am the only person in my family that does not have one (that I’m aware of). Most places I’ve worked at will put an “X” in the slot for my middle name (for some unknown reason). People I have worked with will assume my middle name must be Xavier. So I guess that’s my new middle name “Xavier”.

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@jerv Don’t you think this is pushing it? If someone is going to rob your identity they will do this regardless.

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@Jabe73 But you don’t have to make it easy for them. If someone wants to kick down my front door and rob my place, that’s one thing but I am not leaving a key under the doormat for them!

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Empty set, i.e. I got no middle name. Seriously. My parents thoughts one first name is enough ;-)

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My sister let her kids choose their middle names when they were 18. I thought that was a nice idea and wished I had thought of it first.

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