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Can you remember the name of your first pet & have you given this name to any other pets you've had since?

Asked by ucme (50031points) July 23rd, 2010

Yeah kind of sums up all I need to say really, less is more in this case.

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My first pet was a dog named Coco, and I have not named any of the hundreds of rescues/fosters/forever pets that have come into my life “Coco.” The only pet names that have been recycled in my lifetime are Mishka and Callie (<—-usually a calico cat foster)

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I don’t remember naming my goldfish. My first pet with a name was a hamster named Butterball. I haven’t reused her name with any other pets.

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Yes i do! Her name was Dolly and she was my first kitty. She passed away in May this year :( and i miss her terribly and am very sad about it. She was 20. Actually, her full name was Dollars. And nope, i haven’t named any other pet with the same name, and i never will. She’s the only Dolly i’ll ever have. :( Naming another pet with the same name just feels wrong to me, like you’re forgetting the individuality of your previous pet.

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First dogs name was Duke.

My brother named his dog that.

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My first cat’s name was Popcorn. My (then) three year old sister named her that, haha. I wouldn’t reuse a pet name; I agree with @NaturallyMe that it would just feel wrong.

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First one was a dachshund that arrived with the name Hagen. (He was, apparently, the black knight in Gotterdammerung.) It seemed a very pompous name for that little wiener, so we retired it when little Hagen went to Valhalla.

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A cat named Ginger. I didn’t call any of my other pets the same.

The first pet we had was actually a cat called Mistigri, but Ginger was the first one that was mine.

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Can’t remember my first pet, but I do recall that one of my first was a pair of ducklings called Lox and Bagel. And I’ve always used the same nickname for my cats—‘Kitz”—a although they’ve all had different proper names.

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Yes, I do remember. But I’m not saying….:) And no, I never did use that name again.

And…as a friend once jokingly told me: “Put the name of your first pet…along with the street you grew up on.” And when I asked, “Why?” She said, “That would be your stripper name.”

As if Darling Rhadamanthus wasn’t a good enough stripper name already. Sheesh.

(Yes, I’m kidding.)

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My first hamster’s name was Marble, he was an albino dwarf hamster. I’d never reuse the name though, I’d just feel wrong doing it.

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A dog called Monty. I have never called another animal that, but I have had 6 rats all called Noodles, Noodles the second etc….

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When I moved in to my guardian’s home at 4, she already had three dogs. One was a German Shepherd named Smokey, one was a Doberman Pincher named Nipper, I think, and the other was a black Lab named – wait for it! – Blackie. :|

I have never used any of those names for another pet. I named my cat pal Jolie.

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My first pet was a dog named Pugglet. She was a mutt that just wanted to part of our gang. She rode in my bicycle basket, played dress-up, slept out under the stars, and was just as human as a dog could possibly be. I would never name another dog after her because she was just too special and that name is reserved just for her. RIP Pugglet.

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The first pet I had that was officially mine was a collie my parents got me for my 8th birthday. He looked just like Lassie. I named him Rhett, having recently seen Gone With the Wind for the first time. His full show name (not that we ever showed him) was Rhett Butler Whispering Winds Joy. He was a great dog. I’d never use the same name again.

We did use the same cat name twice over the years. My parents had a cat named Ming that was hit by a car when I was very young. I don’t remember him. When I was in grade school, we adopted a kitten that my mom said looked just like Ming, so we named him Ming Tu. haha

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The first pets I had were 4 Doberman Pinschers; Aja (the momma, pronounced like Asia), Brendan, Whitespot, and Preston (all 3 boys were her pups). They were about 3–5 years old when I was born. I could never reuse their names. Those dogs helped raise me, protected me, and let me do whatever I wanted to them without protest (and I could be mean; dress up, pulling tails, trying to ride them). But they all died when I was very young.

I was more involved in my next dogs’ naming and life. Nike and Blaze (or Blaise). We rescued both of them. Nike’s original name was Whitey, and I was the one who renamed him Nike. All the other names my parents came up with sucked. Blaze’s original name was Blade, which we didn’t like either. We got them about a year apart. These two dogs made such an impact on my life. They weren’t “mine” per say, but they both bonded with me first, before they did with my parents. They’d sleep in my bed or by my bed, play with me outside, go on walks with me in the woods. I’d lay with them on the floor, play soccer with them (though Nike would just try to eat the ball), and we brought them with us anywhere we could. I could never reuse their names. They were too special, too unique, and had too much personality. I have never met any dog like these two boys, and I miss them terribly every day of my life.

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My first dog was named Punky. He was a funny looking black lab/cocker mix, and he chased cars. There were no fences, so he was a very free spirit, but always around when I wanted him. He was my best friend.

He bothered a neighbor’s cat and my mom said she was sending him to the Pound. I was young, but old enough to know what they did to pets at the Pound, so I took Punky to a safe place and told him to “stay”. When the pound truck came, my mother called and called, and Punky didn’t come, so she made me go get him and put him in the truck. I cried for a good two years about that, because i felt that I had killed my friend.

I never named another pet Punky, but I have used his name in a few important places over the years, so I think about him often. If there are dogs in the hereafter, he’ll be there waiting for me.

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I can remember the name of every pet I’ve had, in order. The first was a silky dark gray long-haired kitten I named Pepper. I was eleven. Actually her mother, Silver, was our first family pet, but Pepper was mine.

I would never give a pet’s name twice.

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He was called Lucky and no, I haven’t used it since.

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The first few dogs we had when I was a child were all named socks. Browse through these pictures and you can see why. Later, we used the name Saber, Nipper, Dameon, and Asha. My current dog is named Toby, but is called Squeaky because of his very bad habit of going mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm in a high pitched voice, a lot.

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It was a cat and I named her Kasya – she was one of a kind. She delivered many kittens and we kept just one – I named him Blacky.

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goldfish – Ray
cats – Christina, Princess Grace, Pearl,mikey, charlie, althea, venus
dogs – eliot and maggie

i wouldnt repeat a name…....maybe Ray

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@YARNLADY oops the picture link here

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She was a Harrier Hound named precious. That name has not been applied to any of my subsequent pets and there have been many.

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My first pet was a budgie called Sparkie. I don;t remember the bird itself, I was too young, but I remember other family members talking about it. The name hasn’t been used again. Poor thing died when it got it’s head stuck between the bars of the cage. I think it would be a bad omen to use the name again.

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My very first pet was a goldfish named Goldie. It died
Then I had a hamster named Hammy. She bit me and my parents got rid of her =(
Now I have a naughty, rambunctious, intelligent, and sometimes affectionate kitten named Duncan Olivander Coxsworthy =)

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The first pet I really remember was a cat I had named Fluffy. I remember being so excited and going to the store to buy stuff for the kitten. I have no recollection of what ever became of that cat. I also had a dog named Petey around that time, but- my uncle shot him because he ate my uncles chickens. how cruel

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My first kitty was Bootsy and she’s been the only pet with that name. I think it would be weird to name another pet the same. It’s like naming all your children George (I’m looking at you, George Foreman)

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My first dog was named Scottie. He was a Scottish terrier. I haven’t named any other pets by this name.
My daughter had goldfish as a child. She named them all George. I think we ended up with the last one being named George XIV… LOLL!!

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