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The most inappropriate thing to wear at a job interview would be?

Asked by ucme (50034points) July 23rd, 2010

Whatever the job wherever the location. You dress to….well unimpress really. How could you dress that would guarantee disapproval & raise a few eyebrows. Naked is excluded from proceedings i’m afraid, too obvious & frankly too much information, thank you please. Anything else, well use your wicked imagination.

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Mini skirt, thigh high boots and tube top? Anything that screams I just took five minutes off working the corner to be here.
Oh, and probably a green wig.

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Edit: Oh… Then… the Slave Leia costume or dress up like a zombie.

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Barbed-wire thong.Try sitting for an interview in that.

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Your pajamas. If you didn’t have time to change to go to an interview, you’ll probably be late for work also.

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@lucillelucillelucille Would possibly be ideal attire for any guy who has aspirations to be a choirboy.

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I’m going to answer this question seriously. It depends on the type of work (office white collar or blue collar), but for me, a hiring person in a software company—and sorry if I sound stuffy—everything is inappropriate (though not necessarily damning) except business casual for that first important impression. For guys, that’s a button shirt tucked into slacks or stylist pants, real shoes, socks, belt. Tie and jacket aren’t necessary at my company but they always make a nice impression. You can always fall into the kind of dress people wear at the company once you get the job. At my company, it’s extremely comfortable (jeans, even shorts and sandals) but I never see people interviewing for jobs dressed that way.

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Women: Daisy Dukes, 4” Lucite spike heels and a bikini top. Plenty of darkest black mascara and eyeliner, and use the magenta and seafoam green eyeshadows, too.

Men: Baggy shorts with Calvin Klein underwear showing, wife-beater tee, beat-up 20-year old Air Jordans. Two-tone fauxhawk, one colour preferably not found outside of a Brazilian rainforest. And spray on some AXE™ before you leave the house (of your parents)!

Or those outfits can be swapped, as well, to really give the interviewer something to talk about over after-work martinis!

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@ucme-Yes,when applying the position of castrato;)

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No shower for two days, then run to the interview in jogging sweats.

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A folk costume from some country unconnected to your heritage.

e.g. come dressed as Greek Fisherman, Oktoberfest Reveller, Mardi Gras party girl, New Zealand native Haka dancers, etc.

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By the way, I answered it seriously because in this economic downturn, finding and getting job is tough, tough, tough. I’m lucky to have one, but I know a lot of others who are desperate. Gotta give yourself the best possible chance to get hired if you get your foot in the door. Okay, enough preaching!

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Simple anything showing too much cleavage or excessive skin.
Anything so tight fitting you look like a sausage freshly wrapped.
Dirty clothing or torn.
Bright flashy colors.
Clothing that you fit into 20 lbs ago and you think still work.
Wrinkle clothing looking like you just rolled out of bed.
Jeans, unless its an outdoor job.
Flip flops, unless its a job at the beach.

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@lucillelucillelucille You actually made me laugh, congrats.On a related topic, it strikes me these opera singers are quite selfish people on the whole. I mean it’s all me me me me me me me with them isn’t it? Or that might just be my cynical mind, I dunno ;¬}

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A birthday suit with a pooey bottom.

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@Austinlad It’s all good, preach away.

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a human suit

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Anything worn by Lady Gaga—especially for guys.

KKK outfit.

Whisky-stenched undershirt, dirty pants.

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diving suit and spearfishing gun?? LOL

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Wearing a legalize pot T shirt to a DEA interview.

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The number of outrageous possibilities beggars my imagination. But I think I’m going to go with the chicken hat.

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Shorts, jeans, sandals, t-shirts, stubbly face, chipped nail polish and/or dirty fingernails. I see a lot of people ask for applications looking like they just rolled out of bed and it’s a turnoff to me as if they couldn’t be bothered to look their best and leave an impression of what to expect if they were hired. Blah. Everyone should have a pen on them too instead of asking around to write stuff down or fill out an application.

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It depends on who’s interviewing you. You’d want to offend them personally and their company specifically. A T-Shirt with printed messages that offend the interviewer. Interviewing to work for Dubbya you could wear this . Going to work for a feminist publication, you could wear this .

A (Nazi?) helmet, gas mask, anti-infection mask, armor (beer armor?, and/or weapons are also ideas.

Bring a wearable pet. Large snake? Parrot on shoulder? Perhaps a ferret.

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A mask made out of someone’s face and a bondage suit might not get you into too many places, ecxept maybe for the Rue Morgue magazine.
man I’d love to work there

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The goth look, male or female: Black eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish. White face makeup. Multiple face piercings. (This might work for a store like Hot Topics though).
Black clothes with a long black coat.

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scruffy jeans hanging off your arse, and a dirty t-shirt. I don’t get why some kids will even go out in public dressed like that.

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@Jeruba LOL! I remember that! Like, WOW!

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a clown costume, unless of course, you are applying to be a clown…

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a sith lords coustume… unless your being hired by Lucas’ Arts

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@talljasperman (: I’d hire anyone wearing that. No matter what the job.

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How about some ratty jeans and a dirty t-shirt that says I am Sofa King Cool.

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Shorts, t-shirt, flip flops.

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@Afos22 thats hillarious!!!

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Hoochie mama clothes

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Dress of code of female Ferengis.

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