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I still don't know what to study when I finish school.. A friend of mine told me that ''Sports psychology'' is kinda cool.. But what is it exactly?

Asked by deepdivercwa55m (353points) July 23rd, 2010

The only thing I am sure is that is about athletes and their psychology.. :). Can you tell me some more info? Is it a job with a ’‘good’’ salary and most important, interesting?

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It does not sound like there will be many jobs available for that.
Become an engineer instead.

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My cousin-in-law used to do something similar here; she worked at a university. When the university budget got cut, they lost funding and she lost her job. I don’t know much about it but she worked directly with the football players.

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@KhiaKarma thats a athletic trainer…they mostly assist in legal problems and help the athletes get in shape….they are also the ones that help the athlete after they get hurt (the ones running out to the field when the athlete gets seriously injured..)

but what @dimitris is asking for is a sport physiologist…i don’t really no about sport physiologist :\

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@TwigNBerries I know what an athletic trainer is. She was not a trainer. Why are you so confident that I am wrong? She worked as a sport psychologist at the University of New Orleans. I know her, she’s in my family, and she told me that she was a sport’s psychologist. Welcome to Fluther, by the way

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Sports psychology deals with the mental/emotional things that affect an athlete’s performance, such as morale, loss of confidence and so on. A sports psychologist would work with a team or individual (often one that is under-performing) to increase their confidence and improve performance.

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