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I tend to water down any juice I'm about to drink (Habit) you have a food related habit ?

Asked by TwigNBerries (88points) July 23rd, 2010

it can be any kind of habit related to food, being near food, touching food, or even smelling food, it can be posture when eating or the way you hold your spoon/spork/fork

got any?
by food I mean food and drink

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Yes, I eat my cupcakes upside down. I like to put corn on my mashed potatoes. I like to put milk on my ice cream and mix it up in a bowl.

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I used to keep all my food from touching each other and then eat each group one at a time with my favorite last.

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Every time I get a cup, I blow into it to get any dust & particles out of it. I don’t even look in the cup beforehand, I just do it. Maybe it’s to blow out any iocaine powder that a dreaded pirate may have slipped into it. Maybe it’s because I’m paranoid.


@rpmpseudonym That is so funny, I do the same thing with pots, pans, and bowls. I always store my skillets upside down. Someone once told me if you don’t store them upside down, then mice can jump in and pee in them. I always take my hand and wipe them, if there is any dust, I wash them again.

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I use a knife and fork for lots of things other people don’t including messy ribs, corn (I like to trim it off the cob), burgers (or at least cut them in half; I’ve never understood why people try to hold big fat greasy burgers), and messy sandwiches. I ALWAYS shake fruit juice and other bottled liquids before pouring and chill the milk in a glass in the freezer for a while (it increases the sweetness and puts a lovely froth on top). I love French toast the way I learned as a kid—topped with butter, strawberry preserves AND granulated sugar. And the list could go on for pages…

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Peanut butter and cold chili sandwiches. The best.

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I like to put french fries on my hamburgers. It’s something I started doing in grade school. And I don’t much like to drink from cups or glasses. I prefer to drink from a bottle or a can. I have issues with germs. It really doesn’t make sense because I eat off of regular plates with regular silverware, but I can’t hardly bring myself to drink from a cup because I’m sure there are nasty germs involved. I recycle, so I don’t feel too guilty about the plastic/aluminum I use.

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I always sniff the milk… I have gagged on some bad stuff. Horrible experience.

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I strictly follow the sell-by dates as if they were expiration dates. I also eat Poptarts upside down.

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Hm, i have a lot too, i think! I don’t eat bread that hasn’t been buttered. I shake fruit juices before i drink them so as to mix it up good and not only have to drink the “watery” part floating on top. I almost always sniff my food and chocolate and everything edible. I usually also eat one food item at a time if i have a plate with lots of different things on it, and i’d also leave my favourite for last. I like to have dessert after my dinner, always, although i don’t always do this because i’m lazy or don’t have ingredients to make something sweet, and am very disappointed when i visit people and they serve no dessert after the meal (the average ice cream, and jelly does not qualify as dessert!). When i eat cake, if the icing is good, i’d eat the cake first and eat the icing last. When i eat a bar of chocolate (like something with different layers of things inside), i’d eat the chocolate covering the bar first (i do this in sections and not the entire bar at once), and then i’d eat each ingredient inside separately (if they’re layered in a way that i can do this). That’s all i can think of for now.

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he he really quirky stuff fluther people ! :)

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