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Are you looking forward to 12/21/2012?

Asked by Lampustic (103points) July 23rd, 2010

As you know and according to “experts” from around the world, something of biblical proportions will happen on that day. Are you looking forward to it?

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one expert says it’s the 22nd. he studied in Peru.

This could be as lame as Y2k.

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I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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oh, no, not again


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It’s going to like any other day.

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When I was young we were scared of the year 2000

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@Frenchfry, except for being swamped by a whole lot of news stories, magazine articles, TV specials, discount sales, and souvenir junk as the time draws near.

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I’d like my “I survived 12212012” t-shirt in a tall-large. Thanks.

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@jazmina88 My brother actually had what he called a Y2K room. Filled with canned goods, water, paper goods, propane gas, etc., in the anticipation of something actually happening on that day. We totally made fun of him. Of course, if something had happened, I’d have been over to his house digging through the canned goods.

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That’s the day before my birthday! Or if @jazmina88 is right, then it’s on my birthday….. bummer.

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Seems to me something of biblical proportions’ happens everyday. You just have to know what you’re looking for and where to look for it.

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Odd… That’s the same day I’m picking Cthulu up from the airport.

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@rpmpseudonym, I’d like a T that reads, “I SURVIVED THIS TOPIC FOR THE 47th TIME!” ;-)

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Anyone else wondering why the question “Why are long legs seen as beautiful?” is considered a ‘sibling’ to this one??

augustlan's avatar

I’m looking forward to the day after. When we can all say, “I told you so!”

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@rpmpseudonym yeah I saw that… kinda weird, but then this is also tagged as ‘proportions’ so that probably explains it =P

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@Chrissi85, yup, both questions have ‘proportions’ as a topic keyword. Maybe, it’s because those with longer legs will be able to outrun the hellish plague that will be dropped upon us in 2012. I’ve got some long legs…. see-ya, you short-legged suckahs!

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@rpmpseudonym damn it I have short legs! Give my a piggyback you gazelle!

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@Chrissi85, I don’t think I run with the grace of a gazelle… I run more like Ludo from The Labyrinth. :) But sure, hop on.

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@rpmpseudonym ah ha! I will escape the apocalypse… Ludo friend!

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No! I have my own question here, what will be the next date after 12/21/2012? There will always be a new doomsday date.

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If it is true, I CAN’T WAIT, BRING IT ON!

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Of, course. I look forward to the end of the world every time. I never seem to get tired of it.

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“Biblical proportions” is a poor choice of words. The Bible is vague enough about the End of Days that it’s given rise to the notion that it is, in fact, entirely fluid. Furthermore, the text does not compress The End into a single event, or even a single day.

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@Nullo And, of course, “biblical proportions” are as varied as all proportions; and on 12/21/2012, just like any and every other day, millions and millions of us will see clearly the mote in our neighbor’s eye while failing, once again, to acknowledge the log in our own. :)

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@lillycoyote Certainly.

You remind me of 1 Kings 19:11–13:
And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the LORD. And, behold, the LORD passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the LORD; but the LORD was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the LORD was not in the earthquake:
12And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

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It’s okay no need to panic, apparently it’s only going to affect parts of Belgium. No one will notice, barely a blip really. Although for residents of one particular locale for them the Ost-end is nigh.

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I don’t think about it. Coincidentally, i watched the movie 2010 yesterday and it was disappointing and soppy.

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Yes. Because the day after many people will realize that it’s weird to believe in weird things. And perhaps some give up this nonsense. People should be worried about how we deal with the limited resources for the 8 billion people we will be in the near future.

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@mattbrowne Great point. Unfortunately, like I said before there will always be a new “doomsday” date.

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@mattbrowne I dunno how weird it is. It’s commonly accepted that it’s all gonna wind down eventually. I think that it would be stranger if we didn’t wonder about it sometimes.

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There should be some pretty good parties on that day.

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@Nullo – It’s weird to believe in this particular Maya prediction. Wind down eventually? Yes, but when is eventually? We should understand the concept of high-impact, low-frequency risks imposed by nature. They are a real possibility but it’s far more likely we get killed in a car crash. Man-made dangers are more serious such as nuclear material, bio weapons and so forth. Let’s focus on the real stuff and not waste our time with 2012. Unfortunately, too many people love superstitions. It’s our job to debunk them.

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@mattbrowne I can second that. I see there are people even making money off of this by selling 2012 survival books. I already hear talk of “2018” now. I think you know by now I am very open minded on many things but doomsday dates just get on my nerves. I guess if people make enough predictions and the end does come does that mean anything was predicted? If you give a million monkeys each a typewriter you may get a Shakespear.

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I thought that we were discussing the oddness of end-speculation.
I agree that the Mayan calendar thing is silly. Our own calendar does the exact same thing every so often, yet you don’t see anybody freaking out about that.


Car crashes, world hunger, disease, all of those have imaginable solutions. But The End is the economy-sized version of the mortality that we all ponder now and again.
In short, you’re saying, “Think positive!” to a roomful of hospice patients.

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@Jabe73 – Well, if we are still around after 2018 these people will talk about 2024…

@Nullo – We are all mortal. But predicting the end of the human species is another matter. Parents make a huge mistake ignoring the potential of human beings telling their kids the planet is doomed anyway. Kids then tell themselves, well, destroying it little more doesn’t matter anyway. Why care for the environment? Why not try drugs? Why care about anything? Our planet is not a hospice patient. It might be injured, but it can make a full recovery. Including all the human beings which are part of it.

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