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What is your favorite place in the United States to visit, and why?

Asked by RANGIEBABY (2097points) July 23rd, 2010

There are so many places in this big country to go, I would like a few good ideas. Not with kids.

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New York City, because there’s so much to do no matter what time of day.

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What interests you? Food? Culture? Museums? Nature?

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I love to go to Nevada. To gamble.

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Petit Jean Mountain, Arkansas. It is so beautiful and I love to camp! I hope to travel much more though and find more treasures!


@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard spent a lot of time in Florida, it is a little humid and hot for me. Lots of ocean which I love though.
@Frenchfry I am not a gambler. I just can’t let go of the almighty dollar that way.
@KhiaKarma I googled it and it looks beautiful. Is that a lake or river?

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Boston and NYC are my favorites.

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@RANGIEBABY You probably are looking at Arkansas River. Here are some more pics. I have a picture of myself behind the waterfall from my last visit. It’s the happy place that I go to in my mind….


@KhiaKarma those are the ones I found. They are beautiful. Which water fall are you referring to.? The long one or the wider, shorter one? On one of our trips we found a winery back off the road on our way to a little very old church. The winery was called:

I can’t remember the name of the Church, but we were so impressed with both, we went there twice. And we live in California.

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Cedar falls, the taller one. The picture does not do it justice. Here is my pic


@KhiaKarma And there you are. Oh, how peaceful, and cool it looks.

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Mount Shasta.

The air, the light, the skies, the moving ships in the night sky, the great veggie food, the people from “another world” who show up unexpectedly….it’s wild. :)


@DarlingRhadamanthus Mount Shasta is beautiful, we pass it all the time when we visit friends in Washington State. I have never climbed it, those days are behind me. When I was young, I tried to climb everything that I could get a foot hold on. The higher the better.

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@RANGIEBABY It really was, I could feel the mist coming off of the waterfall. It was so relaxing. I hated coming back the the real world. I’ll have to check out the wineries next time!


@KhiaKarma I have place I go in my mind too. I have never been there, but I hope to go one day. I will have to find it first. It is a small beach surrounded by big leaf trees and plants, all very green. There is a small hut built just up from the ground with all the basics. The water is blue green and very calm. I can hear a brook nearby. I wonder where this place is. :)

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Las Vegas…I like to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. It is one great looking city especially at night.
I also like to visit places with coastlines. I find the ocean to be romantic and soothing.


@AmWiser My favorite place is the ocean. I love near the ocean and would like to live on the ocean.

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Minnesota is beautiful. You are never too far from a large lake and they are great for swimming, fishing, waterskiing and boating. It can get very hot in the summer there however and the winters are nasty but it was one of my favorite states to visit.

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Walt Disney World. :-)

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I’ve only been to NY once, in NY city and other areas out of town like Buffalo and the surrounds (can’t remember the other names now). I don’t think i’d ever go to NY city again, some of it was really dirty and gross (the streets), but outside the city it was better.


@Pied_Pfeffer everything interest me except amusement parks these days.

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Lake Tahoe, on the cusp of California and Nevada. Beautiful perfect place. :)

The Redwoods in northern California is a close second, then would come Yosemite, then Los Angeles, then Portland, Oregon.


@DominicX I was married in Lake Tahoe, and it is beautiful. My niece is getting married as we speak in Big Sur. Love Yosemite and Portland, but LA, no way. Too busy, the air burns your eyes, it is not peaceful or quiet. But I like all of your other choices.

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The Midwest. Because of the friendly people.


@mattbrowne Where in the Midwest exactly, because I love friendly people.

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@NaturallyMe: ”I’ve only been to NY once, in NY city and other areas out of town like Buffalo [...]” Um. That’s kind of like calling San Francisco “out of town” compared to Los Angeles. It’s true, technically. It is “out of town.” By about 400 miles.

@RANGIEBABY: Nebraska is good!

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@RANGIEBABY – Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota to name a few. That’s were good friends of ours live.

This year, however, we are spending our summer vacation in Arizona and Utah.


@mattbrowne I haven’t been to Utah, but to drive through. But, stayed a little while in AZ. We were mainly in Lake Havasu. Not very friendly, and the surroundings were quite ugly. Dirt everywhere, no greenery, dry ugly terrain. We did stay in Phoenix and that was nice.

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@RANGIEBABY – We’ll stay in Phoenix for the first 2 days getting over jet-lag before we get our rental car to drive around.


@mattbrowne Have you been to Phoenix before? You might want to go north to Flagstaff and Sedona. Have a great trip :)

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@RANGIEBABY – No, first in time in Phoenix. We know Flagstaff a little and the Grand Canyon. This time we applied for a backcountry permit and will spend the night in the Grand Canyon.


@mattbrowne I hope the weather is great for you.:)

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