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When you have a scab do you pick it?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) July 23rd, 2010

I can’t help it. I know it scars…

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I try to resist, but I almost always end up giving in.

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I usually do, yes.

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Only when it’s ready to come off. I scratch it lightly and peel it off, if blood appears I leave it alone.
I usually enjoy admiring and inspecting my scabs though, so when they’re fresh I check them out, but at that point I never have the urge to pick at it. Scabs that are not ready to come off yet hurt like a little bitch if removed prematurely.

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I just did….it feels good…but I’m trying to minimize where I scratch…

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I had like six little scabs in a row because my cat scratched me when I was giving him his medicine. I scratched them off because it looked ugly. They were healed.

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Always. Absolutely always. I won’t even realize I’m doing it.

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I don’t pick at my own scabs, but I can’t resist if I see someone else sporting one.

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@ratboy You totally got that out of a Mad magazine. :p

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@papayalily – I’m exactly the same way. I think it’s a form of OCD.

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It’s almost like an instinct to pick them. I do it involuntarily. When I notice I’m doing it I stop.

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at least people don’t pick other peoples scabs

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Scab picking…
I know it scars…

Chicks dig scars….

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@boffin We dig them more when you got them battling with pirates than because you turned a shaving accident into a “thing”.

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@papayalily oh…(sniff).. (weak aargh)

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@boffin LOL that made me chuckle

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