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Are you closer to your mom's side of the family or dad's?

Asked by knitfroggy (8944points) July 23rd, 2010

I am very close to my mom’s side of the family. I talk to my grandma several times a day and usually go to her house everyday also. I talk to my mom’s sister and her youngest son everyday, and see them at least a couple times a week.

I grew up in the country with my dad’s family all around. My grandparents bought a lot of land and gifted each of their kids some land and most of the family lived out there. My grandma lived on the same driveway as us. I loved her and stopped by her house a lot to visit. She was very different from my other grandma. You didn’t ask for a drink and you didn’t dare walk on her carpet with shoes on. She wasn’t fun. I loved her, but she wasn’t fun to hang out with like my “Mimi”.

Are you closer to one side of you family that the other. Or are you close to neither side? I always thought it was weird I was so close in proximity to my dad’s family, but not emotionally close at all.

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Closer with my dad’s side. He passed away but I still keep in touch with my grandma, his mother, we get along damn fine. :)

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Neither. The only family members I communicate with and have decent relationships with are my dad, mom and grandmother (mom’s mom.) So I guess technically it would be my mom’s side if my grandmother is the deciding factor.
Almost everyone on my dad’s side of the family (including my dad) are selfish, inconsiderate assholes so by choice I don’t have much to do with them (except I make it work with my dad) and I barely know anyone on my mom’s side.

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I’m not really close to either side; I’m an only child and both parents long deceased. My mothers parents emigrated from Germany in the 20s via Montreal, those who remained in Germany were either killed or scattered over the world. My fathers family traces back to the 1670s in the US, but act more like a corporation than a family.

My father was a naval officer and I saw very little of him as a child. My mother was a university professor who delegated child-rearing to paid help. The only close relationship was with my paternal grandfather who taught me to shoot, hunt, navigate, defend myself and behave like an officer and a gentleman.

I’ve inherited the family “homestead” that dates back to 1783 and am trying to turn it back into a profitable, sustainable working farm.

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Never really knew my dad.

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Neither. Since my parents and grandparents have passed on, and many of my Aunts and Uncles, I am now closer to my husbands side of the family.

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Neither. There was drama on both sides of the family, and I don’t really talk to any family except my immediate family (mom, dad, sister).

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Definitely with my dad’s side, he has a lot of brothers and sisters which means lots of aunts, uncles and cousins.


My Mom’s. I feel more connected to her side of the family and my Japanese side of my ancestry, than my Dad’s, who is Chinese. That doesn’t mean I don’t identify with that part of myself, but I think I have always been closer to my Japanese Mom. Sorry Dad! ;)

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I was closer to my mom’s. They lived in the same town. My dad’s was states away.

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The only “extended” family that i’m close to is my mum’s parents (well, only her mum is left now…). The rest, some of them, i haven’t seen in YEARS, and haven’t spoken to them either.

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I’m close to neither side. The last time I saw any of my relatives was at my brother’s wedding, 18 months ago.

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@downtide me either. Too many bad memories during the years my Dad was having all his problems with alcohol and mental issues.

For example, when I was 9 years old, my Mom filed a court complaint to have my Dad pay her monies from his military pension as Mother had left Dad with me and my brother, (Dad was a veteran of World War II and landed on Normandy D Day and never recovered mentally as many vets did not) and Mother made me testify against my Dad about him threatening to kill all of us. When I walked in the Courtroom, my Dad’s people were on the left and my Mom’s people on the right. Geezzzz To this day, have never understood how Mother could do that to a 9 year old boy.

My life after that was never the same. My way of handling this mess was to become a “gym rat!” Became an All State player, got a four year scholarship to a major college, etc. etc. But, during that time, my Dad’s side of the family attended ONE game. My Mother’s side, zero. I was the first person in both sides of the family to graduate from college, ONE family member attended my graduation. No cards, no letters, ever…about my athletic accomplishment’s, classroom accomplishment’s, never a birthday card, or nothing from either side. The FIRST TIME in my life, I was 48 years old, when a person from either side of my family ever said, I love you!

Plus, I was emotional abused, and sexually abused by a member of the family. Not going into who that was…no one knows accept my brother.

Sorry, did not mean to write a book…but, could write two or three more books on my families.

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My mom’s side.I was close with my grandma.
On my dad’s side there is Aunt Bitchy… ;)

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I have always been closer to my mom’s side of the family. When she was with my step dad (who I knew since I was 18 months) , I was never as close to his family as I was to my mom’s. My mom’s family has always been there in ways no one else has, my grandparents raised me from the time I was a freshman in high school till now, because my mom was unable to after she relapsed. Now my mom is doing fine, but with the economy there is really no hope of being able to move back with her, and besides I will be 20 in November, so soon Ill be getting my own apartment.

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neither….my moms side is deceased and my mother kept me from the dad’s side of the family.


@lucillelucillelucille “Aunt Bitchy”——Too funny!

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I would say my mom’s side. My personality is almost the same as my mother’s and I am alot like my grandfather on my mother’s side as well. My dad and me look identical but our personalities were like night & day. I do not get along with any other family members from my dad’s side at all. Since my dad died 8 years ago I have not said one word to anyone of them. They do not invite us to any of their family functions/events/weddings, etc so screw them.

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Neither. Only met one grandparent and spent five minutes with her. What a grouch! I never met her other daughter, my aunt. Never met my dad’s brothers either (3). It was like none of them existed.

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@Aster That is a very interesting story I must say. Tell me how do you feel not knowing any of your family? Im just curious cause I am used to having such a big family, its hard for me to imagine never knowing anyone in my family. You seem very calm about it, but I guess it is because you are used to it?

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