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What is that Doobie Brother's song: "China Grove" about?

Asked by gondwanalon (19481points) July 23rd, 2010

China Grove is such a great song. All I know that there is a small town near San Antonio called China Grove and I don’t have a clue what the lyrics of the song mean. Do you know?

China Grove lyrics

When the sun comes up
on a sleepy little town
down around San Antone
And the folks are risin’
for another day
‘round about their homes
The people of the town are strange
and they’re proud of where they came

Well you’re talkin’
‘bout China Grove
(talkin’ ‘bout China Grove)
Woh oh oh
Woh oh, China Grove

Well the preacher and the teacher
Lord, they’re a caution
they are the talk of the town
When the gossip gets to flyin’
and they ain’t lyin’
when the sun goes fallin’ down
They say that the father’s insane
And dear Mrs. Perkin’s a game


But every day there’s a new thing comin’
the ways of an oriental view
The sheriff and his buddies
with their samurai swords
you can even hear the music at night
And though it’s a part
of the Lone Star State
people don’t seem to care
They just keep on lookin’ to the East


Talkin’ ‘bout China Grove
(talkin’ ‘bout China Grove)
Woh oh oh
Woh oh, China Grove

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I don’t believe it to be anything complex. ‘Twas a great sing-a-long song in the 70s, about small town living with some leaning toward more eastern points of view about religion and higher mindedness. Others in the small town…the ol preacher and his mistress story, keeps going in stride. A Peyton Place of sorts.

Ah, a simpler time…the Doobies.

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“What is that Doobie Brother’s song: “China Grove” about?”

It’s about China Grove.

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Hamtramck,Michigan? ;)

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Do The Doobie Brothers even know the answer? Aren’t Samurais Japanese and not Chinese? Time to do a bit of Googling.

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I loved the 70s and never thought about the words…...

But it about people who talk about others, gossiping in their small towns, but who shut up and dance.

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They probably wrote that one high. I think you can dismiss any sort of objective meaning about this song.

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