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How much time do you spend on Fluther, a day.

Asked by axlefoley (347points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone

How much time do you spend on Fluther.

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I spend more time on Reddit and MetaFilter. I have a bunch of spare time at work. I am actually on the clock right now.

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15–20 mins?

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I’d say about the same as Spargett: 10–20 mins.

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About 4 hours a day, geez that sounds bad. Hope my boss doesn’t find out.

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about an hour and thirty minutes. that’s about how much time i have to browse fluther in my first period, and it’s the only site i can think of that sys admins wouldn’t breathe down my neck about.

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like 10–20 min. I spend more time playing solitaire…

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about half an hour a day but not all at once

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lol 4 hours is nothing hairypalm im sad to say i probably got you beat. Never really clocked it but i can tell you every waking moment im near a computer fluther is open.

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Enough time to see that someone is going to repost this question 21 hours into the future.

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And at that time you will also see, “The most beautiful feet you have ever laid your eyes upon!
Thanks to blu!

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well im kinda new i think its been like 12 hours now? i have yet to logg out:)

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