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Do you think that you can benefit from therapy?

Asked by crazybeachgirl (1points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone


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I did.. And I still do. I would give it a try before dismissing it.

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I hope so…

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therapy has huge success rates if the customer believes in it and gives it an honest try. the number one indicator in success rates across therapies is the rapport (kind of like connection, but fancier and a little more complex) between the customer and the provider.

that being said, (cognitive behavioral) therapy tends to be great for specific fear, phobias, panic attacks, compulsive disorders and a few more. it tends to suck for others (add, for instance. but add is usually a misdiagnosis with other factors in play.. IMHO)

this is not medical advise. if you are experience a period where you are unable to enjoy tasks you normally can or your work/personal life are suffering, then you should seek professional help. if you are just feeling a little blue and confused, perhaps an elder relative, community leader, trusted neighbor or spiritual advisor could help. if all else fails.. lose your mind and come to your senses!

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Me personally? Sure.

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I think it can be helpful when you are truly looking for a trusted person to help you deal with whatever issues you have. However, if you are looking for them to just tell you which way to go or what to do then you aren’t going to get anything out of it.

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Of course.

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I haven’t always been a fan of “therapy”. I can’t seem to get anything fulfilling and worthwhile out of a 45 minute or hour long session of talking about random crap that really isn’t pertinent to my being there in the first place. Usually I have managed to see therapists and psychiatrists that seem caring and concerned at first but by the second session, as I walk in excited to finally be able to talk to someone that can help me unravel my issues, I soon realize that the first session was all for mere show. Most have checked the clock rhythmically as I talk and few have actually let me ramble on much more than a minute past the hour. That makes me feel like just another unimportant number…Someone to pay their bills, feed their children and put gas in their overpriced vehicles. But, I have to tell you that if you are really harboring some deep rooted issues and have this same problem, KEEP LOOKING until you find the right one, whether they are on your insurance plan or not. I found an amazing woman that is simply a counselor and I was brought to her from a simple phone call my grandmother made to her work’s employee assistance program. She isn’t on my insurance, she costs about $200 a session, but this woman actually listens and she gives a damn. She calls me periodically to check on me, she lets me talk as long as I want to over the hour I am scheduled until and if I don’t get off work until after her office closes…THIS WONDERFUL WOMAN STAYS AT WORK FOR ME!!! She is worth every penny every time I see her and I am so happy that I didn’t give up on the search for emotional healing. Keep looking if you know you need therapy…You will find the right person that has been through the same experiences you have been through and has enough book smarts and enough common sense to help you learn and grow while building your self esteem and making you realize that nothing is too hard to overcome. It could be the difference between life and death-Letting someone else absorb your negative emotions and dark depressions every once in a while is healthy and you won’t be sorry that you decided to find the right therapist for you…Good luck!!!

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