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Dog-sitting? would you do it?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) July 24th, 2010

the kid who mows for me got a puppy. he went to FL. comes back and tells me his pup nips. Decides to trot off another weekend and wants me to watch dog. My dog is old and falls. She licks other dogs ears (another dog had to go to vet for ear infection). Would you even watch a dog if the animals have not been socialized? if you think the kid should take responsibility and bond/train with his animal to make them life-long companions? I felt bad. but knew it was not a good situation for me. it’s hard for me to say no.

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I love animals so I would do it. I considered being a dog walker/sitter on the side to make extra cash. My only requirement is that I wouldn’t do it for free. I can watch my own dog for free as far as that goes. I’ve watched some disobedient animals without pay before and I just don’t think it’s worth it.

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Who says you have to have the dog at your house?

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Dog sitting and walking is not that common around here, but i’d be willing to do it for some pocket money. :) Provided all i had to do was feed the dog at it’s own house and maybe walk it every now and again as requested by the owners. I won’t dog sit a dog in my house though…i’m a cat person, plus it would upset my cat.

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I’ve been dog sitting but not by choice. I wish my son would come back and get him!! what’s a guy to do?

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A puppy would probably be really stressful for your older dog. I wouldn’t do it.

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Again I ask, who says you have to bring the puppy to your house? If the kid got a dog and left and wants you to watch it, he has to be OK with the idea of leaving the dog at his house and you going over there to watch it. Off all the times friends and I dog sat someone’s dog, thedog never came to our house. We always went to the dog’s house.

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I would never sit on a dog!

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Currently no, because I have an elderly dog at home. After she has passed on, it’s something I would consider, until I got another dog.

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