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Who among us does not listen to music most of your waking hours?

Asked by gailcalled (54579points) July 24th, 2010

It seems that the preponderance of flutherers, or at least the ones who check in, listen to music most of the time. True?

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I can’t speak for anyone else but I sure do.Today is Billie Holiday Saturday.Here’s a tune for you:)

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I don’t listen to music all the time, but I love it and am always moved, inspired and uplifted by it.

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I don’t. My car radio is broken so we don’t listen to music there. I’ve just kind of fallen out of the habit of switching on my radio at home, so i don’t really listen to radio there either. And i seldom put on a CD just for the sake of listening to it, probably because i’m not always in the mood for all the songs on the CD, and i’m not in the mood to constantly go to the hi-fi and skip through the songs i don’t want to listen to, so i just end up not putting on any music.
Which is weird, because i do love music…

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Me. I mostly listen in the car and when I’m cleaning. Sometimes when I wake before the wife, I lay in bed with my headphones and listen to music until she wakes up.

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I don’t. I lost my ipod and am sensitive to noise as it is.

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I don’t all the time. I listen to music in my car and sometimes at night.

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Actually, I don’t listen to music anymore. I haven’t for about a year now. Weird, since I was once a music major but too many things come up.

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I don’t listen anymore but have no idea why!

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I listen to talk radio, lots of news and some guests. I like music as a background with company or at a concert though.

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I haven’t been listening to music, except when I make it, for a long time. But my daughter just introduced me to Pandora, and now I can hear the music I like, and that makes a lot of difference.

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I love music but I don;t listen to it all the time either. I usually have music on when I’m at the computer at home, but that’s about the only time. I’m not able to have music at work.

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I listen when in the mood or when the need arises. Certainly wouldn’t say most of the time, not even close.I’d rather listen to my kids play/laugh/muck around any day.

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I don’t listen to it as much as most people my age do (or did, back in high school). Most people I knew would have earbuds in at all times when they were not talking to someone else. My brother is like this. He listens to music all the time. Even small 5-minute car-rides.

Now, I do listen to music when I am driving my own car, but other than that, I choose specific times to listen to it and don’t just always have it running in the background. Music tends to distract me when I’m studying, so I don’t usually listen to it then. Music is not a “background” thing to me. If I listen to music, I want to set time aside to enjoy it and take it in.

Since I listen to classical music much of the time, the pieces tend to be longer. With popular music, you can just listen to a fun 3-minute long song at your leisure. With classical, movements of works can be anywhere from 5 to 26 minutes long. You have to set time aside to listen to music like this.

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I rarely listen to music. My husband and I came to an agreement early in our relationship about listening to music when we spend time in our backyard. He enjoys listening to music, I enjoy the quiet and/or sounds of nature. We now make sure we each get time to listen to what we want.

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I listen to NPR. There is very little music.
I have “driveway moments” and occasionally find myself saying: “I heard on NPR…”

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I am like @loser. I was that music major. teacher…blah. but dont listen to the stereo much. I do hear stuff in my head and hum, sing, whistle. I get very frustrated I dont tune in. There are 2 stereos in my house, 2 keyboards, 2 afrikan drums.

I cant find my bruce Hornsby set.

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Here, at the post office, in nice weather everyone leaves his door open and radio on. Most of the time we are all listening to our local NPR station.

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I love listening to music but I don’t do it all the time. I listen to CBC One and NPR for intelligent talk and my Sirius radio and my own music collection.

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I don’t. When I listen to music, that’s what I do. If I did it all the time, I wouldn’t do anything else. When I’m working with words, I crave silence. I keep the sound on my computer turned off all the time except when I want to hear something specific. I even watch news videos and theatrical trailers with the sound off.

However, I regard my car as a stereo on wheels. My radio is tuned to either the NPR station or the nearest thing to a classical station that we have any more, and I carry an assortment of CDs along. And yes, I will wait in the parking lot or the driveway for the end of something, even if I’ve heard it hundreds of times.

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I love music, it says so on my hip, but I’d rather watch television. If I had to choose, TV would win every time.

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Actually, now that you mention it, I used to listen to music a lot more before public radio went to the all news and talk format. Mostly it was classical music before then. Then WHYY went all talk maybe a couple of decades ago?

I got hooked, I guess. I always was something of an information junkie, but I would wake up with Morning Edition and go to sleep with the BBC news. The shows in between have changed over the years, but it left no time for music any more. I think I got addicted.

Until the kids came along. What with them always wanting to talk about something that wasn’t in the news (the nerve) and our schedules shot all to hell, we had little time to listen. And on days when we were all driving in in the morning, they begged and begged for us to turn it to Q102. Which is not a bad thing. At least I’ve heard of Lady Gaga now. I’ve even heard her sing. Not that I could tell you which one she is if you put her in a line-up—visual or vocal.

Ah kids is wundaful! It’s amazing what you can learn from them or through them.

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I used to listen to it every day, all day. When it wasn’t music it was NPR/news. I’ve found that over the past few years, I simply crave silence when I’m home. No noise, no lyrics to distract me, just simple peace and quiet.

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Back in the day I did, but now days I have the news going most of the day.
I prefer the music, but I am a news junkie.

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I go through withdraw if its been over 30 min of me not listening to music in some form. I live for music :)

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I have the radio on in the car (now that I live in civilization again and there are stations to listen to). Other than that I don’t listen much, I have never been hooked on music. On my iPod I listen mostly to books, I find that much more interesting.

I do like a radio or television on in the background, but just barely audible.

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Well, I don’t listen to music while I’m sleeping, or when I’m outside (in an area secluded from traffic & other sounds), or when I’m on the phone, or conversing with someone. But other than that, I pretty much always have headphones on, with my ipod a-playin. Always. I can’t stand radio or news, so it’s always my music collection that I’m listening to.

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Aside from always having some pesky song or other stuck in my head, I rarely listen to music. The exceptions are highway driving and house cleaning. I just can’t handle additional noise in my life. Occasionally, I’ll come home to a house blaring with music if my husband has had a bad day. I can only deal with it for a short time before it’s got to go.

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I put Pandora on at work and liberal right wing radio on for the drive to and from work for grins.

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I listen to music when I have the time to sit and absorb sounds. This doesn’t happen very often.

I never have music on as a background noise when I am doing other things.

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I also, crave the silence, after sensory overload at work.

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