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How do you pull up your pants when going to the bathroom?

Asked by HoneyBee (347points) July 24th, 2010

…Do you pull up your underwear by themselves and then your pants one at a time or do you pull up your underwear and your pants together at one time?
(I know this is sort of a silly question, but I seriously want to know!)

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One at a time, of course. Undershirt gets tucked neatly into underwear. Overshirt gets tucked neatly into pants. Follow that with a final check in the mirror to make sure the dig line is straight and you’re presentable.

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I seem to pull them both up at the same time most of the time, but then I have to “adjust” my underwear and make sure it’s not too high up. It really doesn’t matter if I’m wearing boxers or boxer-briefs; I have to do the same thing.

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Dont wear underwear so I just pull my pants up…..

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What underwear?

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Normally they get tugged up together but occasionally have to do the underwear by themselves for the last little bit

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