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Is there a way to "Like" something on facebook and ensure that it won't show up on everyone's newsfeed?

Asked by mememememe (5points) July 24th, 2010

I would like to “Like” an organization on Facebook so that I can interact with them on FB, but I would not like all of my friends, family and coworkers to see this “news” on their newsfeed. I’m aware that it will show up in MY profile and that’s fine, but is there a way to control/minimize how much of your activity gets announced on everyone elses feed?

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I’m not sure but if you like it and then “x” it out on your wall & your newsfeed (if it shows up there) ... i’m not 100% sure though!

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well usually what i do in any case of somethin i don’t want showing up in the news feeds is to delete it after it posts on my profile, i have a couple different accounts that i used to check things like this… only my main account has people on it and pics and all. I have the other 2 to view it from another perspective to see how things look from outsiders and it is vacant.

SO.. you can try deleting it after it posts on your profile, that may do the trick,. works most of the time for me but not all the times. I especially hate this when there is a change of relationship, facebook takes it upon themselves to notify everyone thru the newsfeeds.

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Why don’t you just create an alt account where you can enjoy the freedom without your ‘friends’ showing up and ruining everything?

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@the100thmonkey hahaha wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of facebook? or is that supposed to be sarcasm on your part?

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It’s kind of pointless to delete your “likes” from your feed, even if you could.

The new facebook “privacy” updates recently makes all your “likes” public record. Doesn’t matter if the person is your friend or not or even just googled you, they can see everything you like.

They can’t be hidden, either. The only way to keep people from knowing what you like is to not “like” it in the first place.

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I have deleted all my “likes” and will not “like” anything else, because it’s impossible to make private.

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@Robot – I don’t see why it would defeat the purpose of Facebook. It strikes me that the OP doesn’t want their friends and family to know about the organisation they like, but they would still like to interact with the organisation. Compartmentalising the data is a solution to that problem, and still lies within the purpose of the site – interacting with people.

Perhaps you should consider whether you have one social circle or several independent ones – this is the same situation.

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sounds like a personal problem haha.. (JK.. really). altho it doesnt seem like that big a of a deal, i would simply delete whoever had a problem with my stuff or i guess perhaps create another facebook for specific people only.. which i knew a couple people that did that for their family, but id never go to the trouble of that. that’s just too much work. I am respectful and all but at the same time i am me always 100% and everyone who knows me know this, so i really have not much to hide ever, but on the same note i don’t post my personal business on my facebook. I just dont care what people think most of the time unless its legitament. spent way too many years in the past where i used to care too much for example all thru school and all and realized it brought me nothing. the day i graduated high school believe it or not that all changed.

@the100thmonkey ok

@downtide you can make your “likes” private in your privacy settings, once you’re at “See my interests and other Pages” click custom then you can make it only viewable to you. if you’re that worried about the few seconds or minutes its gonna show up on your wall before u can get to delete it, then i don’t know what to tell you. and by the way it will disappear from the newsfeeds too usually shortly after you delete it from your wall.
Good luck i guess. : )

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&i currently “like” nothing on my facebook aswell bc i don’t want big globs of crap on my profile and once i like one thing, it may be an old ocd thing of mine coming back in small/rare form but i go nuts with it. so i’ve decided to “like” nothing(again) haha.. hope it stays that way.

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i am more concerned with hiding my url if anything which ive changed a few months ago and that can only be changed once. i would’ve never created a url if i would’ve thought it’d be a problem. i don’t care what people think in a general sense (especially those whom i don’t know) but at the same time, i don’t need nosey people peepin my stuff whom i choose not to communicate with or want contact with and on the same token another few certain people who don’t want to bother with me anymore for whatever reason, i don’t want to give them the option or satisfaction of “checkin up on me” when i know damn well those specific few do. And as far as the google search, that is not the case anymore since facebook edited their privacy security a few months ago. i personally and currently am UNsearchable.

if you search a random page for facebook on google, yes you may show up on that pages friends.. but remember many of these pages have 1,000’s of “likers” so.. the chances that your pic will show up w/ the handfull of users they display in the friend slot on the main page is slim to none when (whoever checks up on you). if you comment a lot on that page tho, that is another story. Hope i made my point(s).

: )

all this is a stretch in my opinion. tell ’(em) to loosen the harness!

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You can set your privacy settings to where certain items or information is visibile to everyone, only friends, or just you. I believe if you go to your account settings then privacy settings you should be able to change the settings to where that particular group is only visible to you! Hope that helps.

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