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How do I keep my personal cell phone number, but have the calls and text messages come to my work phone?

Asked by se_ven (789points) July 24th, 2010

Here’s the scenario: I just started a new job and they have provided me a new phone but would not let me use my personal number. I don’t want to carry two phones around and I don’t want to train everyone to call/text my new number just to have to do it all over again in a few years if I change jobs.

Google voice is almost exactly what I want, but they don’t allow you to port your current number.

Is there another service/option I am missing?

Thanks in advance.

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I had my personal cell account forward everything to the work cell phone.

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Yeah, I’ve thought of that, but doesn’t that still require you to have the phone? Does it forward text messages as well?

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No text message can be diverted, unless you have a twin card.

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What’s your personal cell carrier? They might let you forward the texts as well as the calls.

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@se_ven Yeah, I’ve thought of that, but doesn’t that still require you to have the phone?

I see. You want to get rid of the personal account and its expense.

Dang, I ran into the same problem, I could not transfer my cell number to GVoice.

If I Google “Google Voice portability” I find only rumors and wishes

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@jaytkay Yeah, I really would like to get rid of the second phone. I wouldn’t mind paying a small fee for the forwarding service, but I wish those porting rumors would come true soon!

@papayalily my personal is att and work is verizon. I haven’t really looked into that part yet.

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@se_ven You could also do this: Get rid of your current personal cell number and phone, and get a Google Voice number. Give the GVoice number out to all your friends and family as your new personal number. If you leave this job in a few years, you can use that number on your new work cell or a new personal cell. You’d have to give out a new number, but only this once.

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@papayalily that might be my best option…

I know google does alot of cool free things, but for some reason gv makes me start wondering about them. What do they get out of this? But that is probably a question for another thread…

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@se_ven They have advertising and stock. Plus, they do Android, so then they get tons of money from people buying the smartphones. They just get their money in different ways than your typical business model.

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You may want to check out these solutions with your boss. Where I work, forwarding personal calls and texts to a work phone would be prohibited/not very wise. I have a work cell and the employer has the right to look at any texts or look at any numbers we call or receive calls from on said work phone particularly those sent and received during the hours we are supposed to be working.

Don’t do something that can get you fired inadvertently. I carry two crackberries and have gotten used to it (just have to touch them to see which is vibrating). Just sayin . . .

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@Kayak8 So then maybe the solution would be for @se_ven to forward the work stuff to his personal cell? It might mean upgrading his personal cell though.

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@papayalily That makes a lot more sense. I would use the work phone for outgoing business calls only in that example.

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@Kayak8 You can actually get a GVoice app on your smartphone (although it can be tricky with the iPhone…) and then it will let you choose which number to use to call people with each time.

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@kayak8 good point but that doesn’t concern me as much. I work for a small company and I don’t intend on having anything on there I’d be ashamed of. The cost of upgrading/keeping a second phone is more of a concern. Plus my work phone is the new droid x, which is awesome by the way, so I would rather carry that around than my old nokia e71.

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