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A good intro to meditation?

Asked by BarefootChris (118points) July 24th, 2010

Can anyone out there reccomend me a good site to learn some basic mediation principles? So far no luck with a few google searches. Or maybe someone practices themselves and has a few tips for beginners?

I’m big on being connected with ones body and mind, as well as maintaining a healthy relationship with one’s own spirit and taking good care of it : )

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I don’t know about on-line sites. but I would recommend going to the used bookstores and looking there. That’s where I got all my books. Doesn’t sound like you’re too much of a beginner. Here is a book that I liked: Wherever you go there you are. And remember : Don’t just sit there, do nothing. :D Welcome to fluther

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Thanks a bunch! ! I guess maybe I should be looking more into books then. And I’m a beginner when it comes to the actual practice of meditation, I’ve had some exposure to the ideas behind it already : )

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The simplest and most fundemental meditation practice is to focus on breath.

Close your eyes and simply breathe in and breathe out keeping your focus on breath only.

One cannot focus on breath and still remain lost in mind, thought.

This IS the ONLY practice you will ever need.

Meditation is all about stilling the mind and feeling your true essence, your oneness with all.


This is the only objective of any meditation, still mind.

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@Coloma Thanks a bunch! I guess I was approaching it from a Yoga point of view (where the poses have to be pretty darn correct to get the intended effect). It seems meditation is more about the mindset rather than the actual technique. I’ll give that a show for sure!

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While you are visiting used book stores, you might pick up a copy of The Relaxation Response.

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Getting in touch with your beingness does not require a pose. lol

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I tend to agree with Coloma. The goal (if that word can even be associated with meditation) is to simply sit and let your thoughts come and go without becoming attached to them. Just BE.

To that end, I’ve found a good starting practice is the four count breath method. As Coloma suggested, focus on your breath, but in this case do it to a 1, 2, 3, 4 count, each one being an inhalation and exhalation. Stay focused on your breath and the count. If you lose track of what number you’re on (and you will as your Monkey Mind clambers away), simply restart at one.

Breath in, breath out, focus on the count and let everything else go. Eventually, you’ll get to a place where the count isn’t necessary. Good luck.

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