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How do you want to die?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4856points) July 24th, 2010

if you could choose

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In my sleep.

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My life dream is to save up enough money so that near the end of my life I can be put in a pod with rations to last me a while and fired into space. Id love to just drift through the stars before finally expiring.

Better yet, aim me at a black hole. I know id never make it while still alive but itd be cool knowing my body would be recycled in that manner.

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In a non-violent manner. Preferably in my sleep, quickly.

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I don’t want to die…so never

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some of you are saying you want it to be quick and easy. well screw that. i dont want to die like a wimp. i want to die hard long and saving someoes life. i want someone to live because i died. i want to see it coming i want it to be long and painful. not as a wimp. as i said in a previous question

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I’ll be a wimp and take dying in my sleep part.

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As painless and easy as possible. In my sleep sounds good.

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This question is so funny, about a year ago I thought about what the best way is. I would like to be eaten by a bear. I don’t have remains to leave to my family to have to deal with, and I give back to where I came from.

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I’d like my death to be useful, at least, I guess.

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I will die by saving children from a giant grizzly bear with laser eyes and fire shooting paws. The kids will all make it to safety while I sacrifice myself to save the school and town by holding on to a few grenades while being attacked. assuming the police and military and 50million gun carrying americans are already dead by said bear.

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“I want to die peacefully in my sleep like dear old Grandpa. Not screaming in terror like the passengers in his car.”

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when I’m asleep like everyone. In my sleep, I don’t have to feel the pain.

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Cancer. I know that alot of people think thats a horrible and painful way to die, which it is from what I understand. But that is what I would choose because, the way I see it its sometimes a long time befor you pass, that would give me the chance to say “good-bye” to the ones I love, tell them the things that I never could before, give everyone a chance to say “good-bye” to me and give them the last chance to tell me the things they never did. I dont want to leave my loved ones with the feeling and thought “I didnt even get to say bye” or “I wish I told her this before she died”. And most of all give everyone the chance to “Make-up” if we were fighting so everyone can let this be a peaceful experience. Thats how I want to die, Ill take the pain and suffering for all those chances that could be lost if I died in an instant.

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Like my Grandfather… Quietly in his sleep..
Not screaming like the passengers in his car…

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Peacefully, while sleeping, at the advantaged age of 120 or so.

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I’m with @Jeruba, just with a couple additions because I am kind of needy and neurotic. I want to die painlessly and peacefully, with someone I love and who loves me sitting by my bedside, holding my hand, being strong, but with just the hint of tears welling up in their eyes so I know for sure that they love and will miss me, but giving me one good, solid, glorious laugh before I go.

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Well, just because you want to die peacefully or in your sleep, I don’t think makes you a “Wimp”. Everyone has their own preferences…but I wouldn’t want to die in extreme physical pain, and I know I would want to die for a great cause too.

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I want to die happy, totally at peace.

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i think emotional pain is worse than physical

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Edit: Advantaged ==> Advanced

Thanks @Jeruba for pointing this out to me.

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I don’t think dying in pain and horror is that bad. I mean, when else would be a better time to be in pain and horror? Not to sound like a psychopath, I just think the last thing people need to worry about is experiencing pain during death. It’s probably the most impractical thing that is commonly fretted over. What does it matter what happens to you before you die? You’re dead. Be afraid of the things that got you into the situation where you were dying, don’t worry about the death itself.

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In my sleep and that’s after making sure I had all my affairs in order before I passed on.

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I want to be completely oblivious to dying and I imagine being on as many drugs as possible would help.

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fighting a revolution… in a bid for freedom for everyone

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With some one near that I care about who still cares about me.
Quietly peacefully with a shutdown of functions and surrounded by love ike my mother.

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When I go, I want to be doing something I enjoy, so it would have to involve some type of boating accident. Maybe during a rafting trip.

Hopefully when I’m much older than I am now.

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@zophu Maybe it’s just me, but I think dying in pain and horror is one of those things you might not be entitled to say “isn’t so bad” without having had at least some experience with it. Obviously you have not experienced dying in pain in horror yourself or you would not be here fluthering about how it isn’t that bad, but have you ever even witnessed it? Have you ever watched someone die a painful and horrible death? Just wondering. And you don’t sound like a psychopath, you just sound like someone who has not had much experience with such things. And if you’re someone who has had experience with such things and you still think it wouldn’t be “that bad” then you would indeed sound like a psychopath.

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@zophu I knew a person that had stomach cancer and screamed in pain up until the moment she died. I don’t want to die that way.

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ive witnessed a person being beaten to death as much as i felt bad for him i didnt scream or cry or look away. it hasnt affected me. up untill know i pretty much forgot a about it. he didnt look to be in much pain just frightened. it really didnt look that bad

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@daytonamisticrip Witnessing a person being beaten to death did not affect you? I feel sad for you then.

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@lillycoyote Yeah, I’ve seen someone in extreme pain and dying. They were delirious (probably drugged) and it was in a clinical setting while looking rudely into a hospital patient’s room while waiting to see my dad, but I guess that half-counts. I’ve also seen people in great pain. I’ve never been in much pain myself, but regardless my point was it isn’t “so bad” because death follows. Pain is only a problem because it makes you sick with trauma. If you’re dead, there’s no trauma.

If I were locked in a room with no way of interacting with other people and I were going to die in ten minutes regardless of what I did, it wouldn’t matter if I spent those ten minutes in hell or in extreme pleasure. I’d still choose pleasure, but I wouldn’t be happy about it. Death is death.

If someone’s with you, your pain might harm them mentally, however. And knowing that someone experienced great pain can cause problems, but people seem usually to get over that quickly enough if the pain didn’t accompany that someone’s death.

I still say this fear of a painful death is based on fear of death and not so much the pain itself.

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@daytonamisticrip Darling, this is so very, very sad, I don’t know what to say. You see a person being beaten to death the only thing you remember about it is how it affected you, what the experience was like for you? It breaks my heart, the someone so young could have such a cold heart, could be so disconnected from the rest of humanity.

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@daytonamisticrip Hah. Don’t let them judge your “cold heart” based on your statement there. I’m sure the event affected you, humans have strong feelings when it comes to things like that. I think you’re just playing tough. Which is better than glorifying pain and death as evil.

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@zophu There’s nothing that I can say that will change your mind or enlighten your. There are some things you can only learn from experience. I wish you a blissful, pain-free life and a peaceful pain-free death.

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@lillycoyote Pain’s a part of life. Not the kind of pain that breaks minds, but you know what I mean. I really think the only mistake I’m making here as far as getting along with your point of view has to do with reverence. I’m not revering death enough. I’m afraid of pain, I don’t want it to break me and I know it can. And I’m afraid of sickness that leads to death, but I don’t see a point in being afraid of death itself. It’s a result of bad things, not in itself a bad thing.

I’m sure that if I’m properly traumatized I’ll adopt a similar enlightenment as yours. telling kids on the internet they have cold hearts because they don’t talk about traumatic events they went through with reverence

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i dont have a cold heart i felt bad for him. i wanted to help but i didnt know how i was 10. everything i know ive learned in the past 2 years. if it happened know i would have taken the criminal down without hesitation. i guess it did affect me because i think about what i shold have one

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that really hurts me saying i have a cold heart

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@zophu A few points here. 1. You are the one that stated that ” fear of a painful death is based on fear of death and not so much the pain itself.” That I absolutely disagree with. There is really no reason to fear death, but to fear a protracted, painful death is entirely rational. Fear of suffering and pain and fear of death are two different things. 2. I should not have used the term “cold heart” to describe @daytonamisticrip reaction to what she witnessed that was wrong. @daytonamisticrip and I have been talking and I hope she understand, even if you don’t that I am only trying to understand her and to know where she is coming from. 3. You assume way to much too much about me and what I am thinking, and even a bit presumptuous to assume that what I said had anything at all to do with how much “reverence” anyone, let alone @daytonamisticrip should have had for that experience.

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my heart has so much love its dying to give but the only 2 people i trust and love i cant see

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if you told me that about a year ago before i taught myself not to cry i would be blubbering like a baby. i have a nice soul that has been hardened in my short 13 years does that make me a bad peron

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@daytonamisticrip I am so very, very sorry that I said that you had a cold heart. I shouldn’t have said that. It was just a gut reaction and if I could take it back I would. But I will make a “judgement”, for which I will not apologize, even though I don’t know you and shouldn’t really be making any judgements at all… I do think you have a seriously wounded and injured heart, if the things you are telling me about yourself are true. A wounded and injured heart that has been encased in in steel in order to protect it can sometimes be mistaken for a cold heart even thought that is not the case.

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I definitely vote for the quickly and in my sleep way to go. And if that doesn’t happen I take solace in knowing the url for Kevorkian’s website.

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@lillycoyote Then it’s just a philosophical disagreement. I don’t feel my thoughts and feelings mean anything unless they effect other people. So, I don’t see how it would make a difference if I died alone with suffering or not. Not to disrespect the adversities (which I do not understand.) This is just one perspective that I feel helps me set myself free from the fear of death I see in some other people—the over-reverence. I still fear pain, just not pain that’s linked directly to my secluded death—but then I’d never quite know would I? So there’s no practical difference. I got overdefensive. Like I said, it’s a useful perspective of mine.

@daytonamisticrip Yeah, don’t worry about it. I’ve met people who’ve been through all kinds of hell and hold themselves together, even gain things from the experiences. Even people who have very little emotion because of things they’ve been through rarely have cold hearts or feel detached from humanity. Like boxers who don’t feel much pain when they’re punched. They’ve been conditioned, not necessarily completely numbed.

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@daytonamisticrip Oh, honey, I am so sorry. Please please PM me if you want to talk to someone random…no judgement no fear of exposure, just an ear and maybe some feedback if you like.

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@lillycoyote I agree with zophu, and before u ask yes I have experianced that pain and suffering u speak of! Not to brag about my “story” but I had a horrific accident resulting in a T.B.I (Tramtic Brain Injury) that caused not only that but a broken skull of over 4 inches, sever brain damage, sever spinal damage, fractured spine, alot of internal issues and 2 heart failures! Just this past April, April 16th to be exact which I’m still recovering u know the pain that a damaged brain causes? My case is a merical according to the drs cuz I’m lucky enuff that in enuff time I will be as if this never happens to me and not to mention the side pain of having constant needles in ur body or the lesser constant pain of being in a hospital bed for over 3 months and a catheter , yet still knowing this pain and not knowing if I’m guna wake up from the next time I pass out I still would choose the same death if it gives me more time then the instant, peaceful or unknowing ones

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@daytonamisticrip I hope my “story” helps u understand a little more why I said what I said in our PM earlier tonight

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Cardiac arrest and not at a very old age.

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Sexual exhaustion with a room-full of gorgeous amazonian women.

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thats an interesting one

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@gorillapaws death by snu snu, huh? :P

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@gorillapaws lmao!! That’s the best answer Zap! Or would you be Fry? ^_^

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@daytonamisticrip What do you mean “die like a wimp”? Sure I wouldn’t mind dying as a hero or in a blaze of glory either but if people choose an easy way to die there is nothing “wimpy” about that. I would still rather die in my sleep or something similar even though I would not hesitate to risk or lose my own life trying to save someone elses life.

I have come close to death several times. I have nearly been electrocuted, I fell off ladders several times and had a hydrualic scissors lift give away on me already. I had 2 close calls in 2 seperate traffic accidents as well. I would still choose to die of old age in my sleep.

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@daytonamisticrip How old are you now? What have you been doing with your life? Did you grow up somewhere where violence happened often? Who are the people you love and trust who don’t know? Maybe you should tell them.

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I wasn’t aware that the person asking this was only 13 when I responded.

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Why does it matter how old i am?

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@Jabe73 I remember going through a hero phase around that age. The notion may seem naive to you, but if we were all strong we’d all want to go down doing something hard and worth doing “if we had to go down at all! Fight for what you believe in!” It’s too bad the disrespect for that strength is considered wisdom gained through experience. Cultural tendencies for the glorification of weakness. Justified surrender. “We’re only human, after all.”

But then, it is best to live a life that will probably end in a peaceful death, so you’re still right in what you say. Violent revolution, if it was ever an answer, was for the past. Our violent drives have to be directed towards more intelligent ways of doing things now. I’d still rather have a death that gave me a struggle or at least the notion that i was dying. But, I guess that’s what old age is.

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@daytonamisticrip because of the 18+ ratings of some of the answers

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@zophu I actually do understand what you are saying but anyone that would claim to prefer a more painful death over a peaceful one, well I won’t say anymore there. There is a difference in comparing different ways of dying (which one would I prefer of the choices I was given) and an overall preference of your choosing.

Would I prefer to die trying to pull someone from a burning vehicle over dying in a car wreck, YES. However, I would prefer the overall scenerio of saving someone WITHOUT dying so that would not be my first choice of a way to die.

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The news story, as I would have it:
Fluther contributer Filmfann was found dead from dehydration today, while in bed with Natalie Portman, who seems to have died from drowning.

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Death by sulfuric acid. It completely dissolves the entire body, therefore, no one even knows what happened. You just disappear into thin air.

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I want something to happen and make me really happy, so happy that my heart will stop beating :) I’m not a too-happy person, so that would be great for me.

you know

cause of death: happiness :)

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Well, definitely not with you around.

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