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Wouldn't it be great if all intolerance could be handled this way?

Asked by Dr_Dredd (10540points) July 24th, 2010

Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church protested Comic-Con. The attendees had a… unique response.

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Yes, yes it would be.

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I would prefer if these embarrassing humans of the church moved to an island and lived out their lives there until they died…....but I am glad the Comic-Con attendants responded humorously and peacefully.

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I love the “God Hates Jedi” one. Because he does. He told me. * nods *

And the dude dressed as Jesus, complete with halo… just epic.

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thank you for the link. This was very interesting, I hope people take it up everywhere that group of hate mongers go.

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Thanks for this. Wish I could have been there.

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This is reminiscent of the creativity displayed by the friends of Matthew Shephard when these same Phelps Idiots came to protest at his funeral.

His friends dressed as angels in white robes with huge tall wings constructed of PVC piping and draped also with white cloth.

They stood in a phalanx and due to the height and width of the wingspans effectively blocked view of the hate mongering signs of the Phelps crowd.

Chalk up another one for the good guys :)

Creativity trumps hatred. Yeah!

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@Buttonstc Wow, I didn’t know that. Brings a grin to my face!

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I can’t do links from iPhone but there should be a pic somewhere on the net.

There have also been other locales which have adopted the same angel strategy, being inspired by Matthew’s friends.

There was also a movie depicting the story of Matthew and the trial of his killers and seeing that portrayed on the screen brought tears to my eyes for it’s elegance and simplicity.

But the angels were not a movie scriptwriters fantasy. It happened in real life.

A really inspiring idea organized by Matthews friends.

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@Buttonstc I’ll have to check that out.

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Who are these Phelps people? Are they from an actual church? I need to get out more. I would like to point out that if these people are an actual church they are doing counter to what they as Christians should be doing and I would hope that non belivers do not take them as models. There are really good Christians out there. I know some.
It’s a light hearted answer to intolerance but it really does nothing more than thumb the nose at misguided people who would do better with some constructive instruction. Yes the comic con fans behaved semi well but in the end there was no mutual understanding gained, and bad feelings went deeper on both sides.
I do not fault the comic con fans for this, please don’t mistake my point.
It would be better if there were no intolerance to begin with, and I think a well versed Christian speaking to the church people would have been a still better idea. Someone who knows scripture and could point out, nicely, the error in the actions of these “Christians”. What they are doing is counter productive and harmful to themselves as well.
What a shame.

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@Trillian Unfortunately, what constitutes an “actual” Christian is one of the larger theological questions in Christianity (and in all religions), and is not so easily answered.

But in short, yes, it’s an actual church.

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Neat idea in this case, but not sure if this would work for all cases of intolerance. Personally I believe people have been too nice to these Westboro Church assholes. I would walk around with a sign saying “god hates Westboro Baptist Church”.

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