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What annoys you around your home?

Asked by Austinlad (16298points) July 24th, 2010

Today, Saturday, I was abruptly awakened at 5:45 because I had forgotten to turn off the alarm last night. We all have things that frustrate or irritate us at work, in the car, etc. But what are some of the little annoyances you encounter under your own roof? Daily. I, for instance, dislike: having to replace light bulbs in high places, trying to get a roll of t-paper or tape unstuck, discovering I’m out of cat food, hearing the fridge hum, getting phone calls after 10:30, and the list goes on and on. How about you? What makes you a little nuts at home? I don’t mean common things like dogs barking or garbage trucks banging early in the morning—“little” things you put up but wish you didn’t have to.

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I hate unloading the diswasher and I hate washing pots and pans.

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The grass keeps growing and has to be cut every week, and the weeds won’t go away. I would rather have that synthetic lawn that never needs mowed.

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The sound of the a/c cycling on and off
The toilet tank float not stopping off
Endless “rags” my mom collects and leaves all over
The uncomfortable and shoddy “bakelite” vintage utensils mom insists on collecting and using
Not having soft seating (chairs/sofas) in lieu of ass callusing (albeit lovely) antique mission chairs.
Never enough cheese in the refrigerator :p

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My husband annoys me around the house. He’s a pretty hairy guy and seems to shed like a dog. There’s no sense in even having a dog with him around!

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The futon in the office, which is where I watch movies. NOT comfortable!

The ice maker in the refrigerator. It’s noisy and seems to always dump just when I’m falling asleep.

On stormy days, the wind whistles down the fireplace and the vent to the microwave, and I always forget and think it’s someone trying to get into the house. It pretty much freaks me out.

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Cleaning the ring out of toilet bowls, hairballs that form under my dining chairs (from Chewy, my beloved doggie), toothpaste residew that forms on the kitchen sink drain- and splatters on the faucet, digging out the food goo that gathers in the kitchen sink after washing dishes, bird poop on my white banisters (front and back porch), the lent trash can doesn’t work when I push on the foot pedal so I always have to lift the lid with my hands….I could go on and on….I had no idea so many things annoyed me!

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I got high ceilings here, so I’m with you for the light bulb thing. It also has extremely bad plumbing, I mean its ancient, so I always have problems with pipes in the sinks and tub clogging up, plus my toilet has seen better days. I always gotta put my hand in the reservoir and mess around with all this junk to make sure it flushes properly. The thing is, I got this big black shelf right over the reservoir, so while I can slip my hand in, I can never actually see inside. Whoever designed this bathroom was on drugs.

Otherwise this apartment is a dream come true, which is why I’m having trouble getting my ass to Montréal haha. I mean even the landlord treats me like I’m his daughter, considering all the evil Hitler landlords I’ve dealt with, it’s hard to leave.

As for what truly annoys me, well, this place used to be clean as all hell until I got a roomie…

<—Sad penguin.

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One light bulb in my dining area chandelier burns out the second it’s changed. I think it’s a short in the wiring. I’m good at lamps, but not good enough to fix that.

The bathroom sink drips. Only once in a long while – maybe every 20 minutes or so. Just enough to keep that damned rust spot from reappearing in the basin every few days.

The wasps. They’re friggin’ everywhere. The fly in the ventilation hood over the kitchen stove. They fly in the vent fans in the bathrooms. I can’t get rid of them! I am so sick of this swamp.

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the toilet makes strange noise in the middle of the night with nobody near it. hate toothpaste in the sink. So much greenery to be tamed in the side yard.
chipmunk holes.

the drip when it storms by the fireplace.

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Upkeep on the home front, I feel like no one cares, getting old, been sick, and I am so tired of trying to keep up. My family doesn’t put any importance on the work that has to be done, the simpsons get more attention for petes sake.

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Two of us in the house…I’m reading, and he’s trying to read ALOUD to me!

Constantly clearing books off the dining room table…there’s a family room, sunroom, sitting room. But, the table has become a book repository.

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I’m reading, and he’s trying to read ALOUD to me!

I hear that! I’m 200 pages into “The Lovely Bones”, bawling my eyes out, and he starts blabbering about Jim Morrison’s drunken rampages. Not the time, buddy!

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@Seek_Kolinahr My condolences to you. My list could easily have taken up any alloted space for this thread! But, the reverse could probably be said about me as well…but, I don’t ‘think’ so!

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1. The shrilly sound of my phone sends shivers up my spine every time it rings!
2. Next door neighbours who are 24hr door slammers.
3. Very hot apartment all summer, feels like living in a sauna, so air-con is on almost all day.
4. Sofa and armchair starting to sink and are crater-like.
5. Bugs that often drop in for a very unwelcome visit.

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My mom, and lack of privacy in this development whenever i step out the door

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and if this were the old house where I grew up or the shithole i lived in with a roommate before this place I could name A LOT. But this is a pretty nice house. I really miss the privacy of the house I grew up in though. Never thought I would say that but I do.ah you can’t have it both ways, there’s always going to be something you don’t like in just about every aspect of life with everything and everyone. that’s just the way it is.

and.. @KhiaKarma you brush your teeth in the kitchen sink? this is not unheard of but not too common either to my knowledge. I’ve done it a couple times, but usually only in hurries or where I lived before here with my roommate if he was using the bathroom.. because there was only one bathroom in that house.

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Oh, my. The list is so long. My house is a 1920s arts & crafts duplex, and it looks and functions every minute of its age. No central air (and it was 102 degrees today… my poor window units just could not keep up). We do have oil heat (upgraded from coal), but only downstairs, so we rely on space heaters for our bedrooms in the winter. Plaster walls and ceilings that regularly drop big chunks of horsehair plaster on our floors. Some of the electrical is updated, some isn’t, so it’s always a guessing game as to what will be the next thing to go. A circuit breaker? Or knob-and-tube wiring? Who knows?!? We live about 10 feet back from a very busy road, a block away from the local firehouse. Sirens passing underneath our bedroom windows at 4AM? Lovely. But the absolute worst annoyance here is this:

One. Tiny. Bathroom. It’s so small that one must sit diagonally on the toilet. While on the toilet, you could very easily wash your hands in either the sink or the clawfoot tub. << Don’t be fooled by how romantic “clawfoot tub” sounds. Really. It’s not. This room is also completely un-air-conditioned. It’s a freaking sauna. Hmpf.

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@augustlan What were its selling points? <>

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@MissA One, and only one. My husband already owned it when I met him. That still makes up for everything. :)

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@augustlan Is he also of the 1920s Arts & Crafts era?

Good for you.

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@augustlan I’ve lived in a couple of those. The place I’m in now was built in 1915. If it wasn’t the basement apartment, I couldn’t do it.

I’m actually learning to be an architect so that I can take those places and bring them up to code (both legally and in the “they landed a man on the moon, can’t we have a decent place to live” way) without destroying the architectural and historical integrity.

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Ok, mostly i hate washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming and washing the floor and cleaning bathrooms and putting away laundry etc. But once i actually get started it’s not so bad. I don’t like cars speeding past my house along the one road (we live on a corner stand) – it’s a long straight road, and sort of the main road, it appears, through this suburb. It annoys me now that our house is a flat roof house, because that makes it impossible to lay any wiring in the ceiling, which means all wiring (eg telephone wires from room to room, or putting up a TV in the bedroom etc) have to be done along the walls and it looks untidy. Plants that die in winter annoy me because it makes the garden look drab and half dead (these plants were in here when we moved in, i’d only buy evergreen plants). Oh yes, the flat roof house also means that our water heater is outside the house (instead of in the ceiling), so when it gets below freezing at night, out hot water freezes up and we have no hot water in the morning until about 10AM or after – this is a pain in the ass when you want to leave home early, because i have to wash my hair every morning. That’s all i can think of for now!

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@MissA He’s a bit younger than the house, which is a good thing because I’m only 42! I just thought of two other good things about the house. 1) We rent out the other side of the duplex and 2) We own it outright.

@papayalily When you finish your schooling, you’re welcome to ‘practice’ on my house. ;)

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I have a labrador so it’s an endless battle against shed dog hair. It gets everywhere.

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@augustlan I might just take you up on that :)

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Having pop-corn finish on a vaulted ceiling with a ceiling fan. Over time, the ceiling requires dusting with a brush on an extended handle, and then the whole room needs to be dusted and vacuumed because of the little bits that break off.

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Thanks for the great responses, everybody, and see now? Great answer for each of you, and don’t you all feel a tiny bit better for having vented? ;-)

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@Austinlad I would feel better if someone came and did the vacuuming.

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In my apartment, the air conditioner is just one single unit on the wall in the living room rather than vents spread throughout each bedroom. In the summer time, I practically roast because the air never reaches my room. I have to sleep on the living room floor in front of the air so I don’t croak.

My friends know me to be quite the night owl, but just recently I’ve altered my sleep schedule and have been getting to bed a lot earlier. I still get phone calls and text messages at 3am (even though I made them aware of my schedule now) and it really pisses me off because I already wake up enough in my sleep as it is.

My roommate also never loads or unloads the dishwasher. She allows the dishes to pile up in the sink until I do them and then never unloads them once they’re clean. She also never cleans any messes she makes on the stove or in the microwave. She also allows her recycling to pile up on the counters so we rarely have any counter space. FUCK, THAT IS SO ANNOYING.

Her dog will also pee on the carpet every once in a while because sometimes she isn’t home enough to walk her – so we have these carpet stains that we’ll probably have to pay for once we move out.

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Toys all over. My child is three, I have to go behind her and pick up after her. Can’t wait till she is old enough to pick up after herself

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Always killing wasps/hornets that seem to get in my house no matter what I do. Plumbing problems suck real bad too.

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@Flowergurl Your husband sheds?? Do you have to vacuum up the hair? This is a new one on me.

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@Robot I just saw your comment…no, it was a typo- I was getting ahead of myself thinking about all the food goo in the kitchen sink.:)

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@KhiaKarma just wondering. i pictured it in my mind haha. thanks for clearing that Up and I skip ahead sometimes myself

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The concert of power saws on a peaceful Saturday afternoon.

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People yawning very loudly, or being overly dramatic about any kind of movement.
I don’t like “people noise”.

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Other People. Like a friend of mine says “don’t talk to me but don’t leave me alone, either”

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Loud, persistent yawning or burping; dog damage on furniture
Loud dog barks when someone rings the doorbell
Bottom freezer w/icemaker in the bottom too
Catalog pile-up

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