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Cash deposit to ATM on a Sunday. When will it post?

Asked by PeterM11 (7points) July 24th, 2010

Okay, so I accidentally overdrew my account because my stupid Xbox Live account automatically renewed itself (which I already made it so it won’t do that again) before I put my pay check in to my bank account. My question is if I deposit some cash into my bank’s (BB&T if it makes a difference) ATM tomorrow (Sunday) when will it post? Will it by any chance post immediately even though it’s Sunday? I don’t know how long any of the charges to my account will remain pending. I ask if it will post immediately because I remember the only other time I’ve used the ATM I did a cash deposit and it did in fact post immediately. So yeah, I have a few different charges that are still pending on my account and then this one accidentally pushed it over. I’m hoping a few of the charges decide to stay pending a few days more just in case. Any chance of it posting immediately? If not, when should it post by?

Just found this bit on the site:
“BB&T limits total overdraft fees to 4 per day for ATM and debit card transactions.”
Does this mean that if things went from pending to posted and I did have an overdrawn account that I would have 4 days to counteract it? Or am I being too hopeful? haha

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Go to your bank’s website and see if it tells you.

If it were made to my account, it wouldn’t show up until Tuesday.

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It would be Tuesday for me, too.


cash works immediately. At least in my bank it does. If it were a check it would be Tuesday.

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My credit union shows an ATM deposit credited the same day it’s deposited, but the cash, or at least of it, isn’t available till Monday.

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Anything transferred after 3 p.m. is posted on the next day for my bank. So if you deposited money before 3, it would show up on Monday.

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my bank automatically adds $200 to balance, max. and the rest should be credited Monday night at 12 am…tuesday…...

and your bank means you will only be charged 4 overdrawn fees per 24 hours on atm and debit transactions…dont know about the weekend, or checks.

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Yes, it would depend on your own banks policies. You may be able to find it on your banks website or, you don’t routinely throw out those letters from your bank that say “Important Notice Enclosed” and if you have a magnifying glass and care to read those ten pages of fine print enclosed in those letters, you might be able to find the information. The information also might be posted on the ATM itself, as to when an ATM deposit will be posted to your account. And then sometimes they are just uselessly vague and will say something like, the funds could take up to 48 hours to post to your account. They have you by the balls, basically, sometimes.

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@chyna, before 3 on Friday, thought, right? So after 3 on Friday it shows up in your account on Tuesday?

For my bank it’s after 6 on Friday. So anything put in all weekend takes until Tuesday to post. I’ve been burnt by this a number of times, including by those damn outfits that treat a check as an EFT and withdraw it so fast that you literally can’t get from the store to your bank before the funds are taken out. If you have a deposit pending, tough luck.

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@Jeruba Ok, it actually says “Any transactions after 10 p.m. will be posted on the next business day.” But that is transactions I perform on the computer, such as transferring money from one account to another. So I would assume if I transferred tonight, Saturday or even Sunday, it would show up on Monday.

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So would it be smarter to then just wait until monday and deposit cash?

Also, can anyone elaborate on this bit:
“BB&T limits total overdraft fees to 4 per day for ATM and debit card transactions.”

Thanks everyone for the info!!

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You will only get 4 overdraft fees a day per use for plastic transactions, plus any bounced checks. every transaction that bounces a day from atm withdrawal or debit card purchases, up to 4, will be charged a fee, plus checks that bounce.

Dont use your debit card or get money out from ATM.

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@jazmina88 Oh, okay thanks. I totally misread that. Pretty obvious now that I look back at it. Alright.

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I just checked your banks website.. You need to look into this for the future. They will simply decline the charge if you don’t have the funds and you don’t get a overdraft fee. But you need to opt in. My credit union has done this for me for 10 years. I thought it was a normal option.

I know this doesn’t help you now but it will prevent you from being in your current situation next year.

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My bank allows for a $300 overdraft fee. this means i can still make a purchase(emergency) if the amount is not over $300 dollars. i will be charged a $30 fee for the overdraft. most banks allow this amount, if you signed up for it. making a cash deposit will make no difference on the weekend. depositing money into an atm will not show, until the next business day. again, some banks allow for the overdraft with a $30 dollar overdraft fee. either way, it appears you will be paying the overdraft fee.

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