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Internet selectively unavailable after power out?

Asked by SnowCloud (134points) July 25th, 2010

So, oftentimes after a power out (more of a surge really, because it comes back right away), my internet will be rather… choosy. Any site that I had relatively recently visited before the power out (like… google, or youtube) will not connect. Any site I haven’t visited in the past, say, day, will work fine (like bing or… fluther!). My internet SAYS it’s connected, but it won’t let me visit things that were cut off by the power surge. ):
This goes for other applications too, like Windows Live Messenger and that online game I was cut off from by the surge. =|
This isn’t the first time it has happened.
Usually I can just wait it out and after maybe a half hour to an hour, the internet completely comes back (except, sometimes, for messenger, because that program seems to always have mood swings).

It’s got me kind of curious. Any Ideas why this happens, and maybe how I can fix it quicker (as opposed to just waiting)? Has this ever happened to anyone else? It just seems so… strange that it won’t connect to some things.

p.s. I am completely sure that it is my side and not the server’s side. Have you ever seen a day when Google was down for more than 2 minutes, anyway?

p.p.s. In the time it took to write this question, my connection came back. XD

Edit: By the way, my OS is XP and my router is linksys. =]

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Do you restart your computer? Have you tried it with a different router? Have you tried clearing your browser cache? Does it actually come back (with new results and everything) or is it just showing you a page that was saved for offline? What browser are you using?

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@SnowCloud I don’t know if this will help, but I’ll tell you about something similar that I recently experienced.

I recently got rid of the Google Chrome browser and Apple Safari browser. When I opened Safari I would get a message to the effect that I wasn’t connected to the Internet. I thought I was because I had a Firefox browser successfully open. So I would refresh the Firefox browser and NO connection. No connection also with Chrome and Internet Explorer.

I don’t know how, but my router settings had been changed and I had to reset it numerous times. It was a real pain. I even though my ISP was playing games and was ready to scream at them.

It was only after this had happened a number of times that I uninstalled Chrome and Safari and then the problem disappeared. I haven’t had it since. What was particularly irksome was my computer was the master and my wife’s the slave and Anita couldn’t get online as well.

So my suggestion is this: The power surge/outage MAY have reset a setting, but IF that’s the case I have no idea what setting(s). This is just by way of some extra information that you MAY find helpful (or not!).

I hope you sort this out soon.

It is a mongrel of a problem when computers misbehave like that!

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Thanks for the responses!

If this happens again I think I’ll try clearing the cache and possibly restarting the router (which means to me unplugging it for 30 seconds and turning it back on), and then maybe checking my firewall if all else fails.
I have to wonder though if the servers themselves are denying me, because I disconnected so suddenly, though I’ve never heard of this happening to anyone else… The message I get when trying to connect in a browser is something to the effect of not being able to find the server.

@papayalily The computer essentially restarts itself (seeing as the power out makes it go off, and it turns itself back on), but no, I’ve never tried that.
We just got a new router, but this has happened while we had the previous one as well.
No matter what application I use to try to reach a server I had been connected to, it will still say I can’t connect (I’ve tried on Firefox and IE, though. The game tries to access a page as well put I think it uses IE for that).
When the sites work they aren’t offline mode, they’re actually working.
I didn’t try clearing the cache this time, but I think I’ve tried in the past.

@Andreas Huh, weird. :o I don’t have Chrome or Safari though, only Firefox and Internet Explorer… I wonder if it did reset a setting. I wouldn’t be surprised if the router had something to do with it. I’m glad you got yours resolved. =]
Yeah, computers seem to have a mind of their own sometimes…!

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@SnowCloud Try resetting the router. Sometimes that’s all it takes and you’re back online. That sometimes happens to me and all is fine once I’ve reset the router. ;-)

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