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What is the best compliment someone has ever given you?

Asked by localjoke (53points) July 25th, 2010

Just curious as to see how many different kinds of compliments there are. I’d say the best one I’ve ever received was that I was the only beautiful girl in the world, said by my fiance. haha

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I’m a good mom! My KIDS didn’t think so at the time, but my friends did. :)

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“You are a gift from God”.

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My kids constantly tell me i’m the bestest Dad in the world, awww. In all modesty I have to agree with their impeccable taste.

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Not the best compliment but someone recently told me that I have a sunny demeanor and I like that.

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“There is something about you that draws people to you, don’t ever change”.

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Someone who told me they love me for my intellect, integrity, sense of humour, and consideration of others. Wow! That felt so good.

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I dated a guy for a little while who, when I asked what he liked about me said, “Your legs and your butt…..” SHEEEEEESSSSHHHHHH

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“No matter what, you can always make me laugh.”

“You have the best face.”

“You are quite possibly the kindest person in the world.”

And my favorite, said by my best friend of, as of now, 9 years…
“If I had never met any of the people I know in my life, you’re the one I’d miss the most.”

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Years ago my manager, who was 10 years older than I and I thought a lot smarter, once said, “I love to go to movies with you. You know more about them than anyone I’ve ever known.” I still bask in that one.

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My dad said toward the end of his life, “You do everything so well.”

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When I protested once that I didn’t really know how to sew my sister said, “But you LOOK like you know how to sew!”

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Somebody very important to me once said “You are sublime”. That made me smile then and it still does today

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I always get compliments about my afro hair, braided hair extensions , my hair styles I change my hair styles almost every week if I don’t have hair extensions my butt, my body shape, sometimes I feel ugly because of the pimples and because I have african skin and stuff f like that, but when I get compliments I always feel better.
Also my breasts!

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When someone asks for advice is nice. When that person comes back at a later date and says, “I took that advice and did it. I am much happier now. Thank you.” is a wonderful compliment.

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@Thesexier You feel like you’re ugly cause you have African skin????’re lucky! White skin is more prone than darker skin to start looking funky as you get older…..

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“I think you’re pretty. You have a different look to you. You’re not like most other teen girls you know? I also think you’re funny, and weird in a good way. :P”—That was from my friend who passed away. I felt so very special at that moment. I felt even better knowing that my crush was saying it to me. He truly was the kindest and best of men. (:

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“I want to marry you.” That was 22 yrs ago and I swear I can’t think of one compliment from Anyone since! LOL ! At least, nothing I’d type on here.

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@Dutchess_III , lol oops it came out wrong:/ I mean more like I feel ugly, because I have dark skin and it’s very difficult for me to treat the pimples and stuff, also I still have baby fat:/

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@Thesexier Well, that’s exactly what you said….you feel like you’re ugly because you have dark skin. It really really makes me sad to hear that….

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@Dutchess_III , well…sometimes not always, I mean everyday someone complains about some part of their body right?

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Well….ok. : (

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People used to come to blows in order to pick me first for Trivial Pursuit.

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@gailcalled Then we would just kick some butt together!!

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I like the way you think.I liked the way they thought;)

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My daughter told me she hoped she was as good a mom as I am—it can’t get better than that. Also, to be called a muse or inspiration is a tremendous compliment.

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On our graduation day from high school, the shyest guy in our class came up to me and said that he always thought that I looked edible. Why on earth did he wait until the last day to tell me that?!

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@Flowergurl mmmm…his name wasn’t J Dalmer was it???

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At a time when I was very insecure in high school, a couple of friends told me my face was very “model-y.” Made me feel good. My best friend’s dad also complimented the way I look a lot, saying I could get into modeling…

A friend from college, who was very drunk, described me as “intellectual” “intimidating” and “unconventionally beautiful”... I was pretty flattered.

A few friends have complimented my insight, and it makes me smile when people on Fluther comment on my maturity :)

Sorry I couldn’t pick just one, all compliments are special to me :D

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“I am so lucky to have you as my mom.”

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@Dutchess III Good one! No, I’m still here and everything is attached.

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“You look like a model !” (age 18 )

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The best compliment in the world for me is when my boyfriend tells me he loves me. I consider him to be an awesome judge of character so for him to love little ole’ me is the best feeling ever.

Also, I quite like being told that I look like a certain very attractive celebrity which happens from time to time.

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“Knowing you has made me a better person.” Said by my (now ex-) husband, in the midst of our divorce.

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That’s sad, Auggie…

@augustlan Knowing you has made me a more cautious person. :)

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@Dutchess_III Sad, but kind of beautiful, too, no? Don’t be too careful, now!

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The ones in my 10K thread are about as good as it gets!

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“You have beautiful eyes!” ... This from another female. :)

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